What goes on in the bedroom usually reflects hidden aspects of a couple’s relationship, not to mention mirroring certain feelings and moods. It is well known that when a relationship is about to end, for example, one or both partners’ sexual appetite towards the other person diminishes, or that the act itself becomes more mechanical and devoid of any deep feelings. In the same way, it is quite clear that certain intimate attitudes also give expression to feelings and emotions which individuals may be too shy or introvert to express during everyday life.

Sex is not only great fun, it is a means of communication. It is a space of time we dedicate solely and specifically to our partner, without any outward distractions, and it is therefore very important in a relationship as a means of emotional bonding.

Regardless of moods or time-frames, the way we have sex does more than simply satisfy us physically, in that our favourite positions can give us definite pointers in determining what we want from a particular relationship and what kind of partners we are.

The Missionary Position

Some people might think this is too ‘vanilla’, or that it points to a boring personality. I guess it depends on which angle you view it from (pun intended). While being a classic, this position lets a couple look into each other’s faces closely and is therefore a favourite with those people with a strong emotional and communicative bond, since they prefer to look into each others’ eyes while making love. On the other hand, if this is the only position used all the time, it might point out to a prominence in male-dominance within the relationship, since the guy would want to set the pace and control sexual play all the time and prefers his girl to be submissive while he takes on a more aggressive role.

Doggy Style

This position points to a sense of unbridled wildness in both male and female. It is undoubtedly the position which offers most control to the guy, putting the female into a more submissive role, which points to the fact that the girl is kinky and willing to trust and hand over control to her partner, knowing he will pleasure them both. There are many variations – the guy could hold the girl’s hands behind her, giving her a further sense of delicious helplessness, he could bite her neck the vampire-way (beware of hickeys), or murmur kinky whispers in her ears. This is a position which shows that partners trust each other, and consider themselves to be an item.



The girl-on-top position is the reverse of doggy-style, in that it allows the female to be the one in charge of setting the pace and controlling the motion. If you’re a woman who prefers this position, it shows that you are very confident about yourself, that you know what you want and are not afraid to go for it. If, on the other hand, you are a guy, it means that giving pleasure and satisfaction to your partner is a priority, you love to see her having fun and the sight of her having her own way makes you happy and excites you even more.



The spooning or foetal position is the most romantic one for both males and females. It is a relaxing and soothing position which allows you to go on for a lengthy amount of time. It also allows you to hug and caress your partner more closely. When a guy likes spooning it points out to his protective and caring nature, in that he loves to envelop his partner with his body. It is also an animalistic and unconscious way of staking his claim – by holding his partner in this way, the male shows that she is his. This could be construed as being overly-dominant, however since spooning is often the position most couples adopt while asleep, if a guy prefers this position during love-making it could also point to a desire for a long-term commitment.

What is your favourite sexual position?