Politics & The News: Why Do We Forget So Easily?

There’s a serious bout of amnesia going round and we really need to snap out of it.

Why are we so forgetful when it comes to our politicians? How is it that every time a Maltese politician or someone in the public eye does something stupid or downright illegal, we let it go? It really doesn’t work that way anywhere else in the free, democratic, Western world, so why do we do it, here?

Over the past 50 years, Maltese politicians have been screwing us over by giving away land and money that is not theirs, by dabbling in things they really shouldn’t have dabbled in, and by pardoning those who really didn’t deserve to be pardoned.

I pray you, how would you feel if you owned Australia Hall and it was given away? If you had gone to vote at a referendum about divorce, and the Prime Minister at the time had no problem whatsoever putting his conscience before his people and voting against the majority in parliament? If one of your employees was caught shooting another man, while driving a company car?

Australia Hall, Pembroke

Oh, wait, all that happened. And we let it go.

Every time we don’t exercise our right to SPEAK OUT about these ridiculous events, we lose a bit more of our freedom. Just a few days ago, the government was going to lease a public building, Is-Suq tal-Belt, (the old Valletta market) for 65 whole years without consulting parliament.


Is-Suq, Valletta

I mean, hey, don’t mind us, the peasants who put you there and pay your wages, not to mention who fund the upkeep of this country with our hard-earned money. Just do what you like and bail out Café Premiere for €4.2 million using public money. After all, don’t we all make that much and more before we even take our first toilet break of the day?

Premier eatery

Cafe Premier, Valletta

This is insane! The things that would destroy the credibility of a government abroad, seem to make it stronger here. And let’s not even begin to mention the current Opposition, whose only fight this past year seems to have been against basic, civil rights for the LGBTI community.


Triq Sant Anna, Floriana

My problem, however, is this. How can people forget? How can we forget how hard and for how long our forefathers had to work to give us freedom and the right to vote for who we wanted in government? Why do we let them do this to future generations?

No clue.

Do you agree with James? Do you think people forget what politicians do?

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