Designer vs High-Street: What’s the Real Difference?

There’s a major difference in price, but apart from that are there really any differences?

I am by no means a fashionista, but I’ve always been interested in what makes high-street and designerwear different. Here’s what I’ve discovered.

High-Street is anything that is made en masse and that is technically not designer (i.e. doesn’t have a designer’s label). The lines, however, have become more blurred as more designers opt to have a cheaper line of clothing for those who would like to buy into the designer lifestyle but who can’t afford the prices of their high-end ranges. High-street brands tend to be very affordable, of relatively good quality and they follow the seasons to a T. In fact, high-street-wear is meant to be changed every three months, which is why they’re not so expensive.


Designerwear is a notch above high-street-wear, but that depends on what you buy. Certain designers have now become more high-street than high-end, but the major differences remains the name. Designerwear is considered to be of a finer quality and the names and designs are instantly recognisable. The truth is, however, that many of the cheaper designer lines are made in the same factories, using the same materials and processes as the clothes made by many of the most renowned names in high-street-wear. Thus, is the price difference really warranted?

Haute Couture is where the high-street ends and the stars take over. Haute Couture is any item of clothing that comes straight off the catwalk or is made specifically by a designer. It is a world that is as cut-throat and as magical as those of fine art and rare books, and in which clothes are not a commodity, but an investment. Collectors spend hundreds of thousands building their wardrobe, and each of their items is unique and of value.


What’s your opinion on this subject?

Do you think there are really any differences between high-street, designerwear and haute couture?

Is there any point buying into expensive clothing? Let us know!