A wedding is supposed to be the best day in a couple’s life. But not everyone can afford it. It’s very expensive and of course, we do not want to compromise on a great day by having too many restrictions. We all would like this day to be just perfect, as in our dreams. I have some good news! Let’s have an original wedding – something different to what we are used to seeing.

Here are some cheap, original ideas and DIY suggestions to help save you money and still have a wonderful wedding!

The Caterer is the part of the wedding that costs a lot! If you would like to make a rough guess as to how much your wedding will cost, double the amount you need to pay for the caterer. The first trick to spend less money is to organise an afternoon wedding. That way, you will only have one meal to pay for instead of two. Then choose a barbecue, a paëlla or a porchetta. These work out to be a very reasonable option as you don’t need too many waiters to serve the meal and you can have all the meal ready at the same time. Barbecue is my favourite because it will please everybody. You can ask for meat, fish, pasta, potatoes, and so on.


The Decoration is one aspect of the wedding where we can really save a lot of money. You don’t have to hire a florist and pay hundreds of euros to have a nice décor. You just have to be creative and maybe call some friends to help you. Here are some cute ideas which are super easy to recreate. For the first decoration, all you need is a simple candle which you can find anywhere and surround them with some attractive leaves, preferably fresh but you can also find artificial ones so as not to leave things till the last moment. Tie the leaves to the candle with a white ribbon. It’s classical and will fit any theme you have chosen and you can then re-use them in your home after the wedding.

The second picture is also easy. You just need some old attractive jars or buy some new ones. Fill the jars with stones and water and place a floating candle in each one. Tie some ribbon or raffia to match your theme.

Another option is to place a wine glass upside down over a flower and to place a candle on top of the upturned glass. It’s so simple yet really chic. You can create beautiful centrepieces using another wine glass and a round, solid ball of jablo. Fill the ball with the flower buds (whether artificial or real) and place it in the glass and just add some ribbon as a finishing touch.


Wedding favours are generally expensive because you have to buy one for each guest. The three following options are again really cheap and will please every guest. You can simply buy a small plant and decorate it with material and ribbon and of course, a thank you card which you can make yourself. Another idea is to pack some biscuits or sweets in a pretty bag and add a thank you label. Everybody loves sweets, don’t worry. Last but not least, buy some little tubes similar to the one shown in the picture and fill them with candy! You can also decorate it with ribbon and add a thank you label. These are some simple yet different wedding favours but they will be very much appreciated.


The bridal bouquet is the easiest thing you can do by yourself and you can find so many tutorials online. Here is one you can follow, as it is an easy one. You can adapt the bouquet to your taste and chosen theme. I would suggest that you choose your favourite flowers. If you would like to stick to local flowers, you might need to check out which are in bloom and readily available at the time of your wedding. This is one thing that you will have to do at the last minute to make sure that they will remain fresh and bright during the whole wedding. Maybe it would be best to ask a friend or family member to help you with this one as you will have lots to do just before the wedding.


After the wedding, why not create a wonderful memory of your big day? All you need to do is separate the flowers and set them attractively in a frame. The flowers will dry and become even more beautiful with the passing of time.