Hair Colour Trends For 2015 – What To Adopt And What To Forget

Say goodbye to ombré hair, ladies! The tie and dye look was very much last year’s trend. This year, it is all about natural-looking hair. What’s very fashionable this year is to go for a soft balayage look which combines two or more colours. Brunettes opt for blond shades to create this effect while the reverse is true for those with blonde hair. This really helps to reflect the sunlight and to bring out the shine. The secret here is to choose a slightly lighter shade of colour than your natural colour.

On this occasion, the beautiful Jessica Biel has chosen a light brown colour with slightly blonde tinted ends. The future of ombré is here and at least it’s easier to achieve than the tie and dye.


As happens each year, there will always be some trends that are difficult to understand. This year, the award for the least understood trend in the category of hair colour goes to … Grey hair! Yes. This is absolutely unbelievable, but what can you do? Of course, this model looks gorgeous but can you imagine yourself with grey hair? In my opinion, that would make a bad hair day even worse, although I have seen some very stylish looks with people who have grey hair. Maybe, this look is not for everybody, especially those who are still quite young.


On the opposite end of the scale, here is THE trend to follow this year. Red hair has been very fashionable since 2014, but as it is really gorgeous and you can definitely rock it this year too. Just be careful when choosing this colour and a hint of brown is better than tomato red hair. To achieve this colour, your hair dresser has to use a bleaching agent to reduce your hair pigment and this causes a great deal of damage to your hair. Besides this, after just two washes, if this has not been done professionally, it has a tendency to make your hair look pink instead of red. This is why is it is very important to select a professional hairdresser.


If you have blond hair and would like to go for a change, why not try a caramel balayage. It will make you look a bit more tanned and make your eyes stand out a little more. Be careful with the caramel you choose. If not handled by a professional, this caramel colour can take on a shade of green after being exposed to sunlight.


Another trend that should be forgotten forever is pastel hair. Of course, it can look great as we have seen when used by Katy Perry or Lady Gaga, but we are not such celebrities and we don’t have a personal hairdresser at home. To achieve this look, a hairdresser must use a bleaching agent to remove pigmentation. Once this is done, the hairdresser needs to then add the required colour. This look literally destroys your hair! So if you really want a pop colour, go for red hair and please forget the pastel trend, unless you’re a superstar and have the best professionals around you.