Enjoying ‘Me-Time’


Most people wrongly seem to think that unless you are surrounded by friends, plagued by besties, full of admirers or stuck to your significant other, you are not going to have any fun.

Each time I tell friends I’m going somewhere, they automatically ask, ‘Who else will be there?’ as though my own company is not enough or as if it is naturally assumed that every kind of activity needs more than one person to be enjoyable. I totally disagree.

Being both an introvert and an extrovert (yes, I have my moments, lol), I enjoy being around people, but I also know how to have fun on my own. Not only that, but most of the time, I actually need my ‘me-time’ in order to be able to function normally. I crave and look forward to at least those one or two hours every day when I am blissfully alone and finally able to relax, de-stress and catch up with my own thoughts for a change.

Life is too hectic and fast and at times I really need to switch on the metaphorical ‘Pause’ button, slow down and reflect about what’s going on in my life.

What I look forward to most though, is gifting myself with a ‘me-time’ binge lasting not just one or two hours, but a whole day. Contrary to what many may believe, there are many things one can do to relax and enjoy such a day.

Here are ten fun and relaxing suggestions of things to do on your own:

  • Wear your most comfortable pair of shoes and go for a brisk walk in the countryside, then stop by a local pub and have a very cold beer.
  • Go to the beach, sunbathe and read a good book.
  • Go out for a cocktail and make friends with the bartender (ok, probably you won’t remain alone for long if you do this, but it still counts).
  • Go shopping for books or lingerie … you know it’s better if you browse ad nausea for these on your own.
  • Grab a packet of tissues, some chocolate ice cream and watch your favourite weepy chick flick (the one that is such a guilty pleasure).
  • Put on your iPod, close your eyes and let the world go hang itself.
  • Sip some herbal tea while doing some crafts, re-organising your room or baking a cake.
  • Browse online or play silly Facebook games to your heart’s content.
  • Chillax and give yourself a beauty treat: exfoliating mask, manicure, pedicure, stone massage – the works.
  • Play some ethnic or atmospheric music in the background, run yourself a hot foamy bath, light some incense or scented candles … and enjoy.