Detoxify your skin Inside and Out!


Spring is a good time to detoxify after a winter season of indulgence!

First of all drink plenty of water – this helps to cleanse the system and also hydrates your skin. Another good idea is to drink a glass of green tea in the evening, this will detoxify your system internally. Also, if you took your round of antibiotics after being sick in winter, it is a good idea to take one multi-vitamin a day for a whole month.

Early Spring is a good time to have a facial carried out at a beauty salon by a professional therapist. You can also have a mini facial at home which will cleanse your pores and refresh your skin after all the makeup you applied during the party season. This will also counteract any dryness resulting from heating systems used during the cold winter months!

Apply a scrub to a cleansed face and gently rub with circular movements. Rinse the scrub off.

Apply a mask and leave it on for fifteen minutes.

Use two cold chamomile tea bags over your eyes and lie back and relax for some time.

After you are feeling really relaxed and at least fifteen minutes later, rinse well and tone your skin. Apply eye cream and moisturiser.

You will feel totally refreshed!