OLOS Inspired By The Strength Of Vital Natural Elements: Earth And Water

From nature’s secrets, OLOS extracts the most precious and effective active ingredients for the beauty and well-being of the face and body. OLOS comes in the following ranges:

Luce di Girasole: To illuminate and energise the skin, eliminating signs of fatigue. This product is suitable for people with intense lifestyles.

Glyco Program: To exfoliate the epidermis and prepare the skin, with Glycolic acid being the key ingredient. It smoothes, moisturises and brightens the skin by exfoliating the top layer, stimulating cell renewal and thereby fighting the effects of ageing.

Thalasso: For a deep hydrating action for the epidermis. Moisturising is beauty’s first requirement.

Delizia di Riso: To nourish and pamper the skin.


Biostaminalia: For a no-age action for both young and mature skin. We cannot stop the passage of time, but the Biostaminalia line with apple plant stem cells and oxygen giver helps promote the regeneration of the skin’s parent cells. This leads to supple, firm skin which will appear ageless and vibrant again.

Frutti di Bosco: For sensitive and delicate skin. This line is rich in extracts of currant, strawberry, blueberry and raspberry, which intensify the skin’s natural defences.

Nettare di Zucca: For impure skin aimed at youngsters with sebaceous imbalances or excessive shine. This product is rich in pumpkin extract, and it selectively acts on certain areas of the face. Thanks to the Alpha Hydroxy Acids, it normalises sebaceous secretion and creates a mattifying effect.

All OLOS products are free from Paraben and Paraffin-Petrolatum, Ethyl Alcohol and Formaldehyde. 

Complete Range: OLOS responds to different beauty needs with Complete and Specific Lines.

Nature Friendly Packaging: Always close to Nature, OLOS uses FSC paper, from responsibly managed forests, as well as Soy and Vegetable Oils Ink for printing.

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