With Easter just around the corner, here are some cool and creative ideas that will help you bond with your child. 

Organise or Attend an Egg Hunt: The Easter Egg Hunt has become an absolute favourite among children and adults alike. Many different venues set up these egg hunts and the rules are relatively simple: search the grounds for Easter eggs and the person with the most eggs will win a prize. If you have a big garden, you can organise one yourself and get a few of your children’s friends to join in. They’ll love it!


Egg Decoration: Wash the egg with soap and water, and prick a small hole at the top of the egg and a bigger hole at the bottom (needless to say, don’t let your kids do this!). Blow the white and yolk out and rinse the inside by placing the egg underneath some running water. Draw your design on the egg using a pencil, and then use crayons or water colours to paint it.


Bake a Figolla: Nothing spells Easter like a good, old figolla – I can smell my mother’s baking as we speak. And with so many different pastry cutters, the sky is the limit. The recipe is relatively simple, and once you’ve made your pastry and filled it with the delicious filling and then baked it, the fun can begin by decorating it with melted chocolate, icing sugar and loads, loads more.


Create a Flower Arrangement: Easter means springtime and springtime means flowers! So visit your local florist, get a bunch of beautiful, colourful flowers and help your children create a lovely display to be placed in your living room or on your dining table. They’ll love the fact that something they’ve worked has been given centre stage.


Visit some Good Friday Exhibitions: Whether you’re religious or not, Easter in Malta always takes a religious twist. Exhibitions of statues depicting the final hours of Jesus Christ – from Gethsemane to Mount Calvary to His resurrection – crop up all over the island, and they are fantastic at getting children to observe and comment. If you’re religious, they’re a great way of teaching them the story of Jesus’s crucifixion and resurrection too.


Any other fun activities you can think of? Let us know in the comments section below.