Maltese Melodies – Top Maltese Songs of All Time


Whether they make you cringe, cry or swell with pride, our nation has a wide selection of monumental songs which mean something to each and every one of us. Here at, we’ve narrowed it down to what we think are the Top 10 Maltese songs of all time. See if you agree with our choices.

Our Top 10 includes a selection of songs which are both in Maltese and English. However, the artists involved are born and bred islanders.

The Characters – Down By The Water

This band has recently made a comeback after losing its momentum back in 1997, and as we can hear from this tune, the new-romantics vibe is very much prominent in their style.

No Bling Show – Luċija

This is something more off the beaten track, but it cannot be argued that No Bling Show raised the bar for Maltese rap back in 2009 with Luċija. The lyrics make reference to iconic Maltese locations and phrases which many of the younger generation can relate to. The story alone is harrowing and sheds light on a reality many of us try not to think about.

Sammy Bartolo – Għajnejn Sbieħ

An incredibly romantic serenade, this could be Malta’s answer to Engelbert Humperdinck’s Spanish Eyes. The late Sammy Bartolo croons over a beautiful pair of eyes which he mistakes for starlight. The song’s got the nation just as star struck.

Chasing Pandora Memories

The Gozitan duo released this song back in 2007, and people still turn up the volume every time it’s on the airwaves. It conjures up images of relaxing drives through the quiet streets of Gozo on a sunny Saturday morning in July and the soothing vocals of Melissa and Keith get in you in the mood for a peaceful day at Ramla l-Ħamra.

Maestro Paul Abela, Lyrics by Alfred C. Sant – L-Aħħar Bidwi f’Wied il-Għasel

This beautiful melody, which was originally sung by Sammy Bartolo and composed by Maestro Paul Abela and Alfred C. Sant, rings true to many of us with its relevant themes of traditional trades, generation gaps and the hardships farmers endure. The song was remastered by Claudio Baglioni in 2008, and we say kudos to Mr Baglioni’s pronunciation!

Red Electrick – Young Again

This song was aptly released in December 2014, and was a soundtrack to many a Christmas and New Year’s Eve party. In collaboration with the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra, Red Electrick composed this touching song and released an equally stellar video to go with it. The lads managed to tug at every heartstring. I bawl like a hormonal wreck every time I listen to it.

Mary Rose Mallia – Il-Festa

Love them or hate them, feasts are a central feature in our culture, and no one depicts this better than Mary Rose Mallia in Il-Festa. Contrary to the raucous yells and bells many of us think of at the mention of feasts, Mallia’s rendition of this song is as sweet as the candy floss sold on such occasions.

Mary Spiteri – Tema 79

This beautiful track hails from Ray Mahoney’s and Maestro Paul Abela’s Ġensna, a rock opera which narrates the linear passage of our country’s history. Whatever political connotations this song may have to some, it nonetheless celebrates our freedom, our independence and our identity as Maltese.

Winter Moods – Marigold

Winter Moods is considered to be Malta’s biggest band, and have been around since the mid-eighties. However, younger generations will always remember the release of their most successful single, Marigold from their fourth album ‘Ordinary Men’. It is a poignant song which has audience members in tears.

Freddie Portelli – Mur Ħallini

If anyone’s presence is getting on your nerves, just whistle this legend of a tune, sung by the legend himself, Freddie Portelli. He is Malta’s answer to Tom Jones (or Elvis Presley, take your pick) and the respect the nation has for him is infinite. Everyone loves this song, even if they’ll never admit to it.