Lipstick colours to wear this Spring Summer, 2015

It is always recommendable to have a lipstick which is poppy red in colour during the spring and summer months. This is a colour which will never go out of fashion. It’s such a suitable colour to wear during the evening for a party, or for a formal dinner with your family and friends. It’s really chic and it brightens the face immediately. It also makes the eyes look more prominent, so don’t hesitate to go for a smoky eye coupled with this lipstick.


Bright pink is a colour you might need to feel comfortable wearing, even though it’s absolutely gorgeous, especially if you have blue eyes and blond hair. But anyone comfortable with it can wear it for any occasion. Try and choose a hot pink with blue undertones, as it will make your teeth look whiter. I also recommend lining your lips with a darker pink and blending it to give the illusion of fuller lips.


Baby pink colour is a more of a daytime colour. You can wear it with any type of makeup during the day and it will look soft and feminine at the same time. This colour is also a great option to go with smoky eye makeup as it doesn’t add too much drama to your look. I recommend this shade for anyone who is not used to wearing bold lipstick colours and those who need to create a discreet look for work, for example.


Coral is the new pink this year. This trend began last summer but will be even more popular in Spring and Summer, 2015. It’s the kind of colour to wear if you just want to add a bit of colour to your makeup, but that anyone can wear. Whatever your colouring, whether you have blonde, brown or red hair it will look beautiful. My tip for the “bitten lips” look is to tap off your lipstick with some lip balm, using your finger. It will also keep your lips moisturised and shiny.


Orange is the most original colour. This is the kind of colour for makeup lovers and those who are addicted to makeup. This is such a pretty colour and definitely uncommon to wear if you have brown hair. But I promise you it’s fabulous. Just wear it with a winged liner and some mascara; otherwise it will be too much. If you like it a bit bolder, choose a matte finish and you can be sure to create a stunning look.