The Myth Of Love At First Sight


They say that if you believe in love at first sight, you never stop looking.

And I couldn’t agree more.

Believing in love at first sight is like believing that licking a steak and eating it are the same thing. And we all know that that’s not true.

Love at first sight is devoid of emotional connection, of feelings, of the anger, frustration, elation and deprivation that are needed to kindle the flame of love. It is as meaningless as a plastic plant or a mechanical bird that tweets every time you clap. It’s all surface and no soul; it’s a fake designer handbag.

What’s really worrying is how many people believe in it. How many people are willing to have their hearts broken by a connection that never existed and that may never exist?

Just the other day, a 19-year-old family member was upset over a boy he had spotted at a club, chatted up and exchanged numbers with before parting ways. Only to not receive an answer when he contacted him – obviously…

He spoke of what might have been, what could have been, and why it had all turned out this way. And what scared me the most was the fact that I often think that way too. I build whole scenarios in my head that are not there and that, realistically, were never mine to build or dream about.

Love at first sight is infatuation in its grossest form; an orgy of memories and desires that get so intertwined that we believe them – only to have it all crumple in front of our eyes when the realisation that they aren’t (and never will be) hits us so hard we falter in real life, too.

Love can never be at first sight. It has to be built and worked hard for. And when even that can be destroyed in a second, do we really want to be the monsters who build castles in the sky that tumble down from heaven like Lucifer on a bad day?

Block them out.

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