Celebrating a New Phase for Cancer Care in Malta


‘A Stradivarius Among Us’ to mark the completion of the installation and commissioning of Malta’s Elekta Linear Accelerators at Sir Anthony Mamo Oncology Centre by Technoline Ltd. 

Organised by Elekta and Technoline Ltd, under the distinguished patronage of HE Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, The President of Malta, ‘A Stradivarius Among Us’ will feature one of the best violins in the world in a concert honouring the completion of the installation and commissioning of the Elekta Linear Accelerators.

Installed at the purposely-built Sir Anthony Mamo Oncology Centre by Technoline Ltd, the Elekta Linear Accelerators consist of high-tech Radiotherapy equipment used to target tumours through the use of external beam radiation treatments. These Accelerators can be used to treat all parts of the body, and work by delivering a high-energy X-ray to the affected area.

The one-off concert ‘A Stradivarius Among Us’, is being organised to mark the completion phase for these installations, and will feature the highly-acclaimed Maestro Matteo Fedeli on the legendary Antonio Stradivari 1715 ‘ex-Bazzini – De Vito’ violin. Monies collected from the concert will be donated to various cancer charities.

“The name ‘Stradivarius’ has indeed become a superlative often associated with excellence,” explains Mr Simon Cusens, CEO at Technoline Ltd. “To be called ‘the Stradivarius’ of any field is to be deemed the finest there is, and Maestro Matteo Fedeli, from Milan, is the only violinist in the world to have performed on 25 of the circa 60 playable Stradivarius exemplaries still in existence.

“Malta’s Elekta Linear Accelerators project represents a most sophisticated and advanced interlude of medical engineering and man’s creativity – ‘the Stradivarius’ in its field,” continues Mr Cusens. “The potential and possible outcomes of the powerful combination of technical expertise and technology supporting the three installations is indeed comparable to that.”

To give the public the chance to see the 300-year-old Stradivarius violin that, until recently, was lost to history and kept in a private collection, Elekta and Technoline Ltd are also having it on display at the President’s Palace on Saturday 14 March from noon to 3pm.

‘A Stradivarius Among Us’ will take place on Sunday 15 March at 8.30pm at St Paul’s Pro-Cathedral in Valletta. Tickets can be purchased from www.ticketline.com.mt and start at just €15. Monies collected will be distributed to various cancer charities.