Dean Muscat

Date of Birth: 7 March 1987

Where do you live? Ħal-Luqa

Star Sign: Pisces

Main occupation: Musician

Twenty seven year old, DEAN MUSCAT is a singer-songwriter. Over the past few years, he has been mainly working “behind the scenes” of the local music scene, writing songs for other artists and projects, setting up bands and playing the guitar for several local singers.

“To date, the biggest project I have been involved in is co-writing Gianluca’s Eurovision song Tomorrow, which placed in the top 10 in the finals and went on to chart in several singles charts in Europe. As from last year, I finally decided to focus my energy on performing and recording my own material,” explained DEAN MUSCAT in his introduction to this interview with RAMONA PORTELLI.

How did you get involved in music?

I got involved with music from a young age, starting on the trumpet when I was five. I was always the kid with a pair of headphones glued to my ears, trying to get my hands on new cassettes and CDs, going through my Dad’s record collection at home, reading through the liner notes and discovering who wrote the songs and who played what, etc. From an early age, I was fascinated by the creation of these albums and songs that I loved so much.

When I was eleven, I started to learn the guitar and that is where things really changed for me, as with the guitar I learnt chords and I realised that with just a few basic chords I could write my own songs.


Photo by Shaun Abdilla

Can you tell us more about your new release song ‘Twentysomething’?

Twentysomething is the first song I’ve released under my own name. I recorded it at home and played everything on it. It’s a song about reaching my late twenties and feeling just as uncertain as when I was eighteen. It’s about questioning the choices I’ve made in life and wondering whether I’d have been better off had I taken different routes. The funny thing is that while it is quite a personal song, when I talk to close friends who are around the same age, they seem to go through similar phases of doubts and uncertainties, even when I think that they have a more together approach to things than I do. It just goes to show that most of us seem to be in the same boat, even if we are unaware of it.

What do you enjoy most when singing?

To be honest, singing is still quite a ‘new’ thing for me. I used to sing in bands and what not when I was younger, but for the past four or five years, I all but gave up on singing, especially in front of an audience. I’ve always considered myself a songwriter first, a musician second. So, for me, singing is an extension of those aspects of music and because I want to present my songs in as honest a way as possible, it would only be right that I sing them. At the moment, I am simply enjoying the feeling of singing songs that, for me, are worth singing.

Are you working on any current projects?

I’ve got a few plans for 2015. At the moment, I am trying to organise a few gigs, to play my original material and to hopefully build a following. I have also started recording more material for an eventual EP release.

How do you try to improve on your singing skills?

The key to getting better at anything is practice, practice, practice. So, I have been trying to sing as often as possible and to become more conscious of my voice as an instrument.

Do you prefer dining out or clubbing? And why?

Definitely dining out. I’ve never liked clubs, they’re too rowdy, the music gives me a headache and as for my dancing skills, I’d rather spare people the sight. So, dining out wins by a clear mile. You can’t beat good food and good conversation. In fact, I think I’d prefer bad food and bad conversation to a night out clubbing.


Photo by Gavin Muscat