Can’t Fight the Moonlight – The Most Romantic Spots in Malta

Get ravaged on the bastions of Mdina. Have your legs turned to jelly at Għajn Tuffieħa and blush to the whisper of sweet nothings whilst walking along the Sliema Seafront. The mesmerising backdrop and the magical atmosphere of these gorgeous Maltese locations are responsible for many a romantic liaison. In almost every locality on our small island, there’s a little nook that offers dreamy seclusion and a cranny with just the right hint of fairytale. Whether you’re looking to win over your loved one’s heart, or just in need of an alternative date night, the following spots are guaranteed to get you both twitterpated.

Għajn Tuffieħa especially at sunset

Pack a towel. Pack a picnic basket. Park your car and get out and walk from one bay to the next. The sea breeze is an infallible aphrodisiac. If neither of you have any objections to getting your clothes covered in sand, pick a bay and find a deserted spot on the beach. I’ll leave the rest in your capable hands.


Vjal l-Avjazzjoni (The Airport Highway)

Walking isn’t entirely necessary for this spot. You can just sit in your car and watch planes coming and going. It would also be an appropriate location to surprise her with an upcoming romantic getaway. If you can’t afford a holiday, just don’t say anything at all.


Sliema and St Julian’s Seafront

You may begin your stroll at the corner of the Chalet or at the St Julian’s Love Sign. This location is not the most private, but it certainly gives you the opportunity to show each other off, especially if you’ve just made it official. If you want to take in the view and cuddle up, there are benches located every few yards. You may even stop for an ice cream or a snack along the way, and feed each other as those around you cringe at the cheesiness of it all.


San Anton Gardens, Attard

Again, this is not the most secluded of spots, and opening hours are only till 7pm from June to September and till 5pm from October to May. However, its atmosphere is infectious and heart-warming. You might want to hang on tight to your partner if he/she is a crazy cat lady; the gardens are crawling with kitties. Your partner might also go all broody over the pram-pushing promenading young parents with toddlers running around their ankles. Be warned, if you’re not ready for this step in your life, avoid the gardens like the plague.


Upper Barrakka Gardens, Valletta

This is another sanctuary for crazy cat ladies. Do not be surprised to find a cat staring intently at you as you emerge from the warm embrace of your partner. Some of them may even be so bold as to pounce on your lap as you’re about to make a move on a first date. True story. In any case, the serenity found at the Upper Barrakka Gardens will serve you well for quiet canoodles on either the benches or against the iron railings overlooking the magnificent view of the Grand Harbour.


Mdina (day or night)

Your shindig in Mdina comes in four phases. The first is your approach to the city by car. The fortress looms above you as you drive towards it. No need to remark on the beauty of the city at this point. Just think of what saucy times will ensue within those bastions and just let the sight of it do the talking for now. The second phase is your walk towards and under the city gate. You might want to take your lady’s hand as you approach it. Again, let the architecture fill the silence. The third phase is your stroll through the meandering streets. This is the part where you put your arm around her. Just make sure you don’t get lost, because you’ll look like an idiot. The fourth phase is your arrival at St Agatha Square, where you shall help your lady mount the top of the bastions. Hopefully it won’t be the only thing she’ll mount on this occasion. The view alone will make you both quake like it was 1693.