Your wedding will probably be one of the best days of your life. We suggest that you try and capture as many memories as you can. That’s why you’ve hired a professional photographer after all. If you haven’t, then do try and ask your friends to take as many pictures as possible.

Whilst it is important to have the traditional pictures with all the formal groups, why not have a few which will capture both the funnier aspects of your wedding, as well as those which are steeped with emotion. We really suggest that you give this some thought before the wedding as you might need to give some instructions to your photographer, beforehand. Ask him to also be spontaneous and to capture such moments during the wedding itself. I know you will have a lot of things to do before and during the wedding but it will all be worthwhile and you will really enjoy going through the photos after the big day.

Here are a few images that we have selected as an inspiration for your own shots – Get creative and choose things which mean something to you as a couple! Don’t just focus on the wedding ceremony and the reception but also capture all the other events which go with a wedding.




We all know how girls can be transformed after a bridal shower! This picture is hilarious and it’s a way to remember your bridal shower and also to involve older and younger bridesmaids.



wedding-eve-malta-ideas 2

An interesting family picture is when your mother, your father, godmother or best friend sees you all dressed up for the first time. Their faces will be full of emotion and tears.

Your bridesmaids are really important on the day. They will take care that everything during the reception is perfect, that you still look gorgeous after crying, they will help you go to the bathroom and the list of their duties is in fact never-ending. This picture really shows how dedicated they are and how proud they are to be involved in the bride’s big day. It’s also a way to always remember what they have done for you and a way to thank them after the wedding.

wedding-eve-malta-ideas 3



This is probably the best picture to have in your photo album. It says all. Black and white pictures are so beautiful. Capture that special moment when you made your promises to one another in a unique and personal way.




This image is charged with emotion. Ask your photographer to take a picture of your mother’s and grandmothers’ hands with yours. This picture will bring back so many memories for years to come.


And on a lighter note – This picture is loaded with humour. This is the typical Instagram kind of picture just after a couple have tied the knot.

wedding-eve-malta-ideas 6

This picture screams love. There are tons of ways to take pictures of little children but this one in particular is very cute and so romantic. It’s even cuter if they are your own children.


This is another funny picture. For all Disney lovers, the famous Cinderella scene is a great idea. It’s different from what we are used to seeing and sometimes unexpected things are the best. You have the chance to live like a princess on that day, don’t miss it.


The photo booth has become very trendy these past years. This is another option of it. Instead of taking Polaroid pictures, ask your photographer to take a picture of every single guest in a particular location. It will be a great reminder for you and can also be a nice present or wedding favour for the guests.


This is definitely a photograph to have. If your venue has a garden, it would be a great idea to replace the usual firework with this safer, cheaper version. We all love sparklers. The best pictures are also the most complicated ones! That’s why it’s important to have a professional photographer on the day.