Dry Skin – What Causes It?


Winter brings with it many problems, but for me this year round, it brought the biggest nightmare of all – DRY SKIN! I’ve never been one to have this problem, so it was quite a shock to look in the mirror one fine day and to see that my skin had gone all flaky and dry.

So I spent some time researching the causes of dry skin and here is what I found:

  • Winter weather

Surprise, surprise – when the temperature drops, the humidity level plunges too and consequently, dry air leaves our skin parched.

  • Steamy showers

I was surprised to read this piece of information. Apparently, setting the shower to steamy doesn’t do your skin any favours as it tends to dry out the natural oils in our skin more quickly. So, the longer you linger in the shower, the more you dry out your skin.

  • Moisture-robbing soaps

Using a harsh soap will send your skin’s natural moisture barrier straight down the drain.

  • The rub-down

Scrubbing your skin creates friction which, in turn, strips the skin and enhances the dryness.

  • Losing shower moisture

Showering bathes your skin in moisture. Scrubbing off with a towel right afterwards strips that moisture away. You therefore have to lock in the moisture by using a moisturiser.

  • Ageing

Unfortunately, as hormone levels change over the years, our skin becomes thinner and more parched.

  • Irritants

There could be something in your daily routine which is causing your skin to become irritated – zone in on it and trash it!

  • Your health

Your dry skin could be caused by a medical condition, such as atopic dermatitis or psoriasis. Should it persist, see your doctor or dermatologist to discover the cause and to treat it properly.