Cat-People vs. Dog-People: Are There Really Any Differences?

Most people can automatically identify themselves as cat-people or as dog-people. But how does this make them differ? 

I have always preferred dogs to cats, as I find cats very cold and independent.

I still remember the days when I used to come home and my dog was happier to see me than my ex-husband was, and it always softened the blow.

But what makes me a dog-person? And how am I different to a cat-person?

Science, apparently, has an answer!

In a research study from 2010, a psychologist by the name of Sam Gosling who works at the University of Texas in Austin, conducted a study on 4,500 people and what he found was that cat- and dog-people are intrinsically different – if only in character.


The research questioned participants about five personality traits – openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and neuroticism, which apparently encompass one’s characteristics really well. The study also asked them whether they considered themselves to be cat-people, dog-people, both or neither.


The conclusion? Cat-people tend to be more neurotic yet also open, and people who are creative and philosophical would fit in this context. Dog-people are friendlier and more outgoing.

But this really made me wonder. As outgoing as I may be, I’m also incredibly neurotic. And as an architect-writer, I would hope to have some sort of creative streak in me.

I also know many cat-people who are outgoing – my parent’s cat-lady neighbour doesn’t stop talking and inviting every Cikku and Peppi over for tea.

But, there is something that rings a bell about all this – and as whimsical as this is going to get, please bear with me.

Maybe, our want (or need?) to assert ourselves as one or the other is a way of explaining our spirit; that which makes us us, and which we can see in a cat or dog.

I like dogs because they are dependent on their owners; and I’ve always found it easier to be dependent on others too, whether it’s my parents, my boyfriends, my girlfriends or ex-partners.


Cats, however, are super independent, which would explain – super sweeping statement, approaching – why so many single people have cats.

I don’t know. What do you think?


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