Spring is around the corner, ladies! It’s time to give your nails a fresh and bright look. Every year, the trends are almost the same: we wear bright, pop colours or pastel as a contrast. This time let’s combine everything together. Rules are made to be broken, right?

Pastel is still trendy. Why not change it a bit this year and add some glitter on one finger in the same shade? Generally, the accent nail is on the ring finger but it tends to change and you can decide which one you would like to be your accent nail. Pastel shades match with every outfit and they will never be out of fashioned. You can wear them shiny as usual, but why not try matte nails and see if you like this look. You can find matte topcoat in most of the beauty shops, nowadays.


There is another trend for going on vacation – neon nails. It can sometimes be tricky to match this look with your clothes, especially if you don’t wear colours very often. A quick tip is to have really bright neon nails in different colours. If you apply a white undercoat before applying the neon colour, they will last longer. As with pastel nails, you can choose between a matte look or a shiny one.


Recently there has been a trend for white nails. Not everyone agrees that these are nice but why not try them out and see whether you like them. Of course, for such nails you must have perfect hands. Break the look up a bit with nailart on one or two fingernails, but it’s totally up to you! You can find stick on nail patches in beauty stores or on the Internet. It is a lot easier and quicker for beginners.