Are You A Lumbersexual?

Lately, I keep on seeing pictures, photos and adverts of men with long scruffy beards and checked flannel farmer-like shirts. I would have thought nothing of it, except that Facebook too seems to be overflowing with posters stressing the sexiness and musky maleness of guys with beards, not to mention TV channels, such as E! Entertainment and MTV whose male hosts and reporters seem to be turning into manicured woodsmen.


Yesterday’s men dressed in jeans and a black shirt – cool, casual, yet smart. Today’s hotness is, apparently, measured in the ability of a guy to look as though he knows how to cut down a mountain pine. This new Man-trend is focusing on the melding of the usual metro-sexual, that is, the normal urban office-working clean cut boy-next-door type – with the woodsy outdoor man, who is capable, rugged and not afraid to get his hands muddy – the lumbersexual!


His thick plaid flannels are well-tended and clean-smelling, showing that he is practical, yet well-groomed. His beard is fluffy and long but not unkempt, hinting that he is patient enough to look after it and take care of himself. His chunky brown boots are down-to-earth, yet trendy. His backpack seems to contain a lumberjack’s axe, but actually carries the latest IPAD.

The lumbersexual is fully male and shows his masculinity. This is the main intent behind the whole get-up. The calculated look, suggestive of manual labour and a love of the outdoors, seems to promote sensible, dependable and efficient traits, supporting the idea that men who work with their hands are trustworthy and honest – the perfect traits one wishes to find in a partner, husband or father.

One must keep in mind, however, that when one scratches the surface of the so-called lumbersexual, one still finds the computer geeks, nerds, IT aficionados, sports lovers and office workers one thought to have left behind. Dressing like Smallcity’s adolescent Clerk Kent, who lived on a farm and had a telescope in his barn, does not make one a Superman. Likewise, you might think that men like Al from Home Improvement or Luke from Gilmore Girls are sexy, but would you actually be able to live with them?


Would you really want to wake up with Chuck Norris next to you? Hmm…


Personally, I think the contents are always more important than the packaging, however that being said, I would prefer to go out with someone who was relaxed, comfortable and happy with what he was wearing. And if that included some black leather, I wouldn’t be complaining either – each to his own!