Let’s Talk About … Madonna


No, not the Virgin Mary, the icon!

Before there was Miley Cyrus and her nude butt on the wrecking ball; before there was Emma Watson and her brilliant feminist speeches; before, even, there was the suffragette movement that – oh, no, wait… Madonna hasn’t been around for that long.

But it sure feels like she has!

And, well, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

From my days as a teenager, Madonna has been an icon. She’s the woman who has always taken the reigns on her image, her music and her actions. She does what she wants and she doesn’t give two flips over who gets offended.

Sure, there were some things that went too far, like when she performed Live to Tell on a crucifix made out of mirrors, and what about the black Jesus that was cast alongside her in the official video? It was scandalous, it was thought provoking, and it was twenty years ahead of its time – and while today no one would bat an eyelid (or would they?) back then, it pushed my generation into the truly grey areas of racism and religion.


I won’t go as far as saying that Madonna fights or cares about human rights. I don’t know if she does, but even if she does all that she does for the fame and the glory, it works.

Now, with her thirteenth album, Rebel Heart, coming out shortly, she is also asserting some other important concepts: the concept that pop isn’t just for princesses; the concept that you can be 56 and go at a 1,000 miles an hour just like you did when you were 25; and the concept that, hey, it’s okay to do all of the above.

I am by no means Madonna’s biggest fan, but as a woman who grew up with her music, I respect her.

Plus, as she says in her new song, BitchI’m Madonna – she’s Madonna.

Madonna in ‘Like A Virgin’


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