How is the education system failing today’s society?


If you know anything about what goes on in today’s classrooms, you may know that even the simplest of skills required to make it in the real world are hardly found in the state-agreed syllabus. In my opinion, new methods of learning are being shoved down the throats of young children without ensuring that they are indeed a step forward in the system that is education. Whether what comes to mind is your time in primary school, secondary school or even education at a higher level, some basic skills that are required in the transition from a teenager to a young independent adult are mostly lacking from the local educational system.

Whilst the study of history and geography is an important added knowledge that should be acquired and treasured, skills such as opening your first bank account and getting your first loan are left to the individual coaching provided by family and friends. Myself and other fellow students who have started the shift from University to the work life, have discovered an empty void when it comes to certain basic knowledge required in this transition into adulthood. Such as, “How do I work out my taxes? How do I go about buying a car?”

School is nothing like when we were younger, and that is not necessarily a good thing. Even though many of us may have one particular memory or some negative memories associated with our time in school, nowadays even the simple addition process is not the way we remember it to be. Nonetheless, even the learning methods we were brought up with lacked the inspiring teachings that help develop leaders and innovators, but maybe the implemented changes can pave the way for a more creative society. Who remembers the parrot-like teachings we used to memorise for an exam? What added wisdom and knowledge was imparted to you? We were very rarely challenged to question the world and come up with solutions to problems that concerned us.