How it all started!

The Italian entrepreneur, Walter Annaratone and his wife Lina established Naracamicie in 1984. It all started with a vision. The main concept behind this brand was to create a winning collection of shirts and knits which would capture everyone’s attention. Every season, one style picks up where the others left off. While separately, each style stands on its own, together they address a contemporary lifestyle through mood and function. This brand offers something for everyone, with its style ranging from total sophistication to a more casual look and always representing the latest trends in fashion.


Naracamicie Malta

Locally, Naracamicie opened its first store in Bisazza Street, Sliema in October 2004. After a few years, and in August 2008, it opened another store in Melita Street, Valletta.

Each collection offers a variety of designs and fabrics. These collections offer Naracamicie clients a quality product which is beautifully made using the finest Italian fabrics, with a wide selection of shirts for that smart look required for work and special occasions as well as more casual options.

Naracamicie’s shirts are available from Size 6 to Size 22 (UK). Check out their sale!


Naracamicie, Bisazza Street, Sliema, T. 21332587

Naracamicie, Melita Street, Valletta, T. 21227503

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