How To Do Your Bit to Safeguard The Environment

Reducing, Reusing and Recycling: How do we protect our planet?

There is no doubt that our generation is producing the largest amount of waste per capita in history. We buy many disposable things and the system with which we get rid of them – chuck them in a bin and, poof, they’ve vanished – makes it easier for us to get rid of that which we don’t want.

What we don’t get, however, is that most of the things we think of as ‘waste’ could actually be reused. And those sky-high bills? They could be brought down too! How?



Whenever possible, let natural sunlight brighten up a space. If the room is still dark, place some mirrors in key places to reflect the light. Taking short showers, as opposed to baths helps save water and dishwashers use up less water and detergent than doing the dishes by hand (it’s true!). Think about the water you use: do you leave it running while you’re brushing your teeth? Do you let pans overflow or leave the tap running while you quickly check something in another room? Don’t. It’s also important to avoid using disposable items, whenever possible.


Reducing is obviously important, but we need to be realistic too: most of us will not buy fewer things. But that doesn’t mean that we’ll have more waste. Glass jars can be turned into containers for other foods, liquids and spices; vegetable peelings can be used as compost or to make vegetable stock; cardboard boxes can be used for storage; clothes can be given to charity and broken shards of glass or china can be turned into a mosaic – with a bit of imagination and craftwork, of course.


Whatever cannot be reused can then be recycled. Glass bottles, food tins, scraps of paper – they can all be collected and can be turned into tomorrow’s products. It’s also important to hand over batteries, ink cartridges and other toxic products to those who can dispose of them properly – most supermarkets and IT stores offer this service.


I’m also interested to know about what other ways you can think of to reduce or reuse products! So please make sure you leave us comments in the section below!