Five ways of getting your ex out of your hair, by getting things out of your home.

We have all experienced a close relationship gone sour and are then left to pick up the pieces in our hearts and homes!

Whether you were co-habituating or simply hanging out at each other’s places, there will always be those items that remind you of that person. Whether it is those travelling photos left on display which are scattered around the house or favourite jumpers still drenched in a favourite fragrance and soppy cards with heart-felt messages, here are five ways to put an end to those reminders that prevent you from moving on!


  1. Declutter, but not ridiculously!

So getting rid of most things that remind you of that particular person is a good thing, but this doesn’t mean throwing everything in the bin, because you never know, in a few months you just might regret not keeping those pair of heels he bought you for Christmas! It is best to keep these things out of sight, but not out of reach for the long term.


  1. Move your furniture around.

Subconsciously, memories are triggered through little things, such as places, smells, or even the positioning of the furniture! You might walk into your home, glance at your sofa and remember the way you spent your time together on those lazy nights in, so the best way to get these flashbacks out of your head is to disassociate your furniture with that person. This doesn’t mean replacing everything but just means giving your home a little bit of an update. This might mean moving the bed around to face a different direction, or changing the throw pillows on your sofa. These little changes could make all the difference and help remind your brain that you are now in a different chapter of your life, which holds no memories with your ex partner.

  1. There is no US in I.

So you were considerate, and your personal taste was shoved somewhere in a box and replaced with décor, music and movies which kind of made both of you happy. Well its time to let go of that and become an individual again. Go ahead and purchase that over the top vase he/she cringed at in the shop, or paint that wall an aquamarine colour. Treat yourself with things you love and fill your home with your individuality.

  1. Invite your friends over, create new memories!

After a break up sometimes the hardest thing to do is socialise, but make the effort and have your friends over for dinner, dinner parties or dinner and parties! Creating new memories with other people in your home will push the older memories to the back of your head and the further they slide away, the less you will think of them! Presto!


  1. Take up a new home hobby!

You might be dreading coming home to an empty house after work, that is, until you figure out something else which is exciting and fun to do in your space! Turn your negative outlook of your home into a positive one by taking up a new home hobby. This could be cooking for your friends every Tuesday, to trying to sew, getting into documentaries or growing your own herb garden. Whatever it is, learn to love your time alone and look forward to just being you in your hub!