Are We Really Living In A Meritocracy?


Forget the fact that we have experts and workers being moved from one role or division to another and many inept people taking up their jobs; in the general scheme of things, are we ever living in a meritocracy? 

Common sense would say, ‘yes’.

Almost everyone has the ability to be educated and no matter what your lineage is, you can become wealthy, powerful or renowned – but only if you work hard enough for it. The problem with that, however, is that it is a lie; and while it is very, very, very important to work hard for what you achieve, certain criteria will always get you further.

There is no denying that connections, your family name and wealth will aid you in your strife to make it in life. And there is no denying that rotten luck, a one-time bad judgement, or someone high up who doesn’t like you will make your efforts harder, if not impossible.

Think of all the homeless people in the world: did they ALL decide to be homeless? Did they ALL fail at school or thought, ‘Hey, I can be homeless. Why bother trying to get ahead?’

Of course, not!

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how hard you work or how many extra hours you spend studying. And although many do not believe in destiny – myself included – it is hard to create a case against the fact that sometimes, some things are just not meant to be.

All this stems from one crucial fact: our society is built on a hierarchy that, unfortunately, works. Those in power are in power; and those who aren’t, aren’t.

It’s a vital way of creating a system that is orderly and prosperous: if the people thought the government had no power, then it wouldn’t. If the people thought corporations had no power, then they wouldn’t.

Fortunately, however, our strife for a more equal society has borne a lot of fruit and as a result, although not entirely flawless, anyone can choose to try their luck.

Do you agree with James? Do you think we live in a meritocracy?

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