Daniel Blade

Where do you live? Qawra

Status: In a relationship

Star Sign: Cancer

Main occupation: Deejay

Media-related occupation: Deejay

Daniel Blade is one of Malta’s most prolific artists. His tireless work as a DJ and promoter has embedded his influence throughout every annex of the scene, thus yielding a far-reaching impact on local dance music culture, as a whole. Establishing himself with his immersive DJ sets, Blade has also managed to help inspire a new generation of dance music enthusiasts through his successful parties.

His devotion towards music is undisputed. Daniel Blade has become a household name in the local dance music scene that has glittered with the ideas, designs and impulses of Daniel Blade.

Blade also runs the acclaimed Yakuza Parties, already recognised as one of Malta’s Biggest Nights. Yakuza took its diverse sound and unbeatable atmosphere to a unique collection of both intimate and large-scale spaces throughout the year. Also responsible for The Blade Series, Easter Sunday at Aria, headlining the Armier Beach Parties and Creamfields, Malta to name a few.


What’s your real full name, and what’s your stage name?

Daniel Gatt / Daniel Blade.

What does music mean to you?

Music connects everything and everyone together. I met 90% of the friends I have through music. Seeing the crowd having a good time while I play the music is something I love, that is what I live for.

If you were a woman, do you think your career would have developed differently?

Definitely not!! I don’t think gender is an issue. The difference lies within your attitude and skills. No gender, age or colour affects that.

When you travel outside Malta, what does travel teach you?

Every country is different. I learn about their cultures and lifestyles. I make new friends and come back to share my new knowledge musically. Every destination opens up a new perception of life.

What do you consider to be the essentials in your life?

Besides music? Facebook and chicken nuggets!

What’s a hobby you spend money on?

Electronics and clothes are the first two things that comes to mind.