Evagarden’s Romantic Look for Valentine’s Day

Create the perfect harmony of colours to create a romantic lovey-dovey look. Whether you are going to a fancy party, a dinner date or clubbing, this is a simple look that always works wonders. Here are some helpful steps to follow for that perfect romantic look:

STEP 1 – Close those pores

As a starter, apply a deep-cleansing clay masque and use this all over your face or exclusively in the T-Zone after cleansing. This will help to purify, lift surface impurities and remove excessive oils that can trigger congestion and enlarge pores. Once this is done, your foundation will set better on your skin. (Deep Cleansing Clay Mask by Dermalogica)

STEP 2 – Use a lifting base face serum for radiant skin

Apply a lifting base face serum (Lifting Base Serum by EVAGARDEN) which acts as a make-up fixer and helps maintain skin elasticity, whilst reducing visible fine lines instantly.


STEP 3 – Choose your foundation carefully for an even skin tone

Nowadays, foundations are no longer one size fits all. Choose the correct foundation for your skin type. For example, if you have oily skin then select a product which is oil free. If your skin is dry then choose a product which includes moisturiser. There is a wide range of products to choose from, some are liquid while others are compact foundations. Take your time to test the products and work out which is most suitable for your skin tone and skin type.

STEP 4 – Use a translucent powder for longer lasting foundation

All you need is to lightly apply a translucent powder all over your face and décolleté, either with a powder puff or with a large powder brush (Evagarden Extreme Loose Powder). Brush off any excess powder from the brush before applying it on your face. By doing this, you will avoid applying too much powder which could make you look pale white in selfies.

STEP 5 – Select just the right lipstick for luscious kissable lips

1. Choose the colour carefully – pink and red tones are always in for this occasion. Make sure you choose a colour that will stand out. Remember, it is all about kissable lips. Choose a lip pencil which is similar in colour to your lipstick and define your lip contours for plumped up lips.

2. Let’s face it, men hate glosses on their lips, let alone when lipstick is transferred on their favourite shirt!!! We strongly advise you to go for the ultralasting lipsticks (Evagarden UltraLasting Lipsticks with gloss – it’s a two in one). These will give you long-lasting wear. The lip-cream sets comfortably on your lips, thanks to its mix of special polymeric films and elastomeric silicones. Rest assured that the colour you see in the tube is the colour you will get on your lips after one single application.

After applying the lipstick, let it dry. During the evening, apply lip-gloss several times for a lasting effect.


STEP 6 – Focus on the lips

Keep your eye make-up light, the focus has to remain on the lips. Apply a light, natural coloured eye shadow and touch up with a light shimmer on your brow bone (Evagarden Diamond Eyeshadow 256). Finish off with a liquid liner and a good mascara to give you full lashes (Evagarden’s Extreme Volume Mascara).


STEP 7 – Don’t forget to blush

A tint of blush will give you a young adorable and healthy look. (Evagarden Silky Blush 310).

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