Why Is It Clever To Be Single On Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day can be the worst day of the year for a single lady.

On this particular day, everything is pink and red. There are flowers, hearts and love songs everywhere. It can really make someone very sad. But this time is over! There are plenty of good reasons to be single and I’ll tell you what they are.


The first and main reason is that you don’t have to look your best. Who really wants to spend three hours in the bathroom after a working day? Honestly nobody!

No need to buy a new dress you’ll never wear again; no need to wear a pair of shoes that hurts you, you can just stay in pyjamas eating some good ice cream on the couch, watching your favourite soap. When I was single I used to take time for myself and relax in a warm bath. So, go ahead, put on a facemask, light some scented candles, diffuse essential oils and read a great book.

Then, you don’t have to book a table in a super chic and crowded restaurant. You know the type of restaurant you don’t even dare to speak about or … eat at. Order your favourite take away food, organise a party at home with some girlfriends and gossip all night long. You are not forced to stay alone, life is so much fun with friends!


Another great reason is that you don’t have to rush out the day before to find the perfect present for your boyfriend. Get that designer bag you have always dreamt of instead!

In the end, there are always nice parties at Valentine’s Day. It has nothing to do with the old fashioned parties where men only came to meet girls to take back home. No! Now, some clubs organise girls’ parties at attractive prices with some really nice DJs.

As you can see, it’s not a problem to be single on Valentine’s Day; there are plenty of other things to do. Just find what is best for you and share your plans with us in the comment section below. Have fun!