What Will Dominate The News In 2015?


With January over and already a lot of things happening, here’s a list of what I think will dominate the news in 2015. 

There is no doubt that a year is always dotted with many sensationalised and tragic news items. From natural disasters to murder cases to politics, news pieces are something that there’s never a shortage of.

Nevertheless, there are certain things that you can just tell are going to dominate the news in the year ahead. And here’s my list for this year: 

IS: The Islamic State’s rise and atrocious acts dominated 2014’s news and they will dominate this year’s too. Now that they’ve attacked Corinthia Tripoli, we can also expect them to be a very present news item in local news, too. Undoubtedly, the two questions on everyone’s minds this year, which the news will answer, will be: What are they going to do next? And what are we doing to stop them?


The UK Elections: With the Conservatives and Lib Dem coalition seemingly coming to an end, the rise of UKIP and Labour losing Scotland, the UK general election, which needs to take place by 11th June at the latest, will surely keep us interested. Who will win? Who will lose? And what will this mean for the United Kingdom, Europe and the world at large? Well, stay tuned!


Spring Hunting Referendum: Malta’s most popular item in the first half of 2015, will doubtlessly be the Spring Hunting Referendum. Already gaining ground, both the ‘No’ and ‘Yes’ lobbies are doing their best to secure as much airtime as possible and get people to vote for their side. We wonder just how many cases of libel will be filed by the end of it …


Adele: With her third studio album – most probably titled ‘25’ – being released this year, it’s quite safe to say that she will dominate the entertainment news. As rumours, possible leaks, the actual lead-up to the release, awards, fashion hits and fashion misses all keeping us wanting more, it’s not difficult to understand why this Grammy, Oscar and Brit award-winning artist keeps us interested.


What else do you think will dominate the news in 2015?

Let us know in the comments section.