FCM Bank Launches ‘Choose Your Charity’ Campaign

The bank will be giving its clients the chance to choose a charity to benefit most from its donation.

FCM Bank has started of the year, 2015, with the launch of a campaign aimed at giving their clients the chance to donate to their preferred charitable organisation. The ‘Choose Your Charity’ campaign, will enable current and future clients of FCM Bank to select from a shortlist of charities.

“As part of our corporate social responsibility activities, we wanted to put our customers in the driving seat,” says FCM Bank CEO Ron Huggett. “This campaign enables our clients to choose one charity from three different beneficiaries chosen by the Bank, and we will contribute on their behalf. We pledge to make a positive contribution to each of our three selected charities, and thus to give them a positive boost for the start of 2015.”

The charities chosen by the bank are: Puttinu Cares, the Malta Community Chest Fund and the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), and they were each chosen for the distinctive work that they do.

Puttinu Cares offers a holistic approach of care for families with children suffering from cancer, while the Community Chest Fund helps philanthropic organisations and individuals in need. The SPCA, is responsible for the care and rehoming of abandoned and badly treated animals.

Clients of FCM Bank will be contacted in the coming weeks and asked to choose the charity that means the most to them. Alternatively, they can visit the Bank’s offices in St Julian’s to make their choice in person at the Bank. Throughout February and March, new clients of FCM Bank will also be given the chance to participate in the initiative.

“Personal service is very much part of our ethos at FCM Bank, so we understand that our clients have different desires when it comes to giving back to our community. This campaign will give our clients the chance to do exactly that; whether they feel a kinship with causes for the needy, with sick children or with mistreated animals, we have chosen an organisation to match. We now look forward to receiving feedback from our clients, and to then make this donation on their behalf,” Mr Huggett concludes.

FCM is a Maltese bank which specialises in savings and fixed term products. It is a savings specialist with a vision to empower its clients to start or to keep on saving to make their euros work harder for them.

For further information about this campaign, do not hesitate to contact FCM Bank on Freephone 8007 3737 or visit our website fcmbank.com.mt