Interview with Corazon Mizzi

I recently had the great pleasure to attend the live concert and the Hawn Jien album launch which was held at the Kazin Malti in Valletta. Soft lighting and a dreamy atmosphere created the perfect setting for an astonishing and incredibly successful performance by the Maltese singer, Corazon Mizzi.


Just for EVE’s readers I had the pleasure to interview this incredibly talented performer.

Before anything else, congratulations for the great performance!

What inspired you for this performance which mixed music and theatre?

First of all thank you for being there! The concept behind the concert was developed jointly with Trevor Zahra, a prolific Maltese author and illustrator, and myself over the summer months, last year. To be honest with you, I did not directly draw inspiration from anyone in particular because I have always felt that my music could very easily lend itself to theatre. Of course, indirectly, I am been influenced greatly by the artists I love most – particularly by the style of the Italian cantautori – and art in its broadest sense.

Nowadays, singing in Maltese could be a choice which goes against the current.

Is there a particular event or concept hidden behind this decision?

I simply love the language and I feel most comfortable singing and writing songs in my mother tongue. Through my work, I hope to instil a new-found love for Maltese song and music writing in other artists and with the public in general.

Is a particular Maltese or international singer a point of reference for you?

As I mentioned before, I feel rather close to the Italian cantautori. I cannot mention one in particular but there are many such as Adriano Celentano, Lucio Battisti, Angelo Branduardi and Carmen Consoli. I follow their work very attentively and feel that they are a source of inspiration for my own work and music.


Let’s go to something a bit more ditz … I loved your outfit, who is the designer? 

I would like to know if you decided what to wear for your shows yourself.

My mother Mariella, who is a rather busy notary sewed my outfits over a couple of sleepless nights. She is no professional dressmaker, but was taught the art by her (now deceased) aunt when she was very little. It is her joy and passion to sew dresses for me. When we design them together, we like to keep things simple, for that’s the image I feel suits my character best.

How important is image for you?

It is very important. However, it’s not at the top of my list of priorities in life. In fact, I try to adopt a low maintenance approach to my look in order not to have to ‘waste’ too much time on it.

I have heard from my ‘informers’ that you lead a really healthy lifestyle.

What does food mean to you? Do you have a routine which involves exercise?

It’s really no effort for me, I love sports and exercising outdoors and genuinely love fresh fruit and vegetables which I eat plenty of. I haven’t touched fast food for as long as I can remember; that is also because, in principle, I am against what fast food chains stand for. Exercising every day allows me to eat sweets whenever I feel like it and my favourite food is spaghetti. No guilt trips for me – that kind of special food is good for your soul and not eating it would be missing out on one of life’s pleasures.

What about projects for the future?

Well, at the moment I’d like to focus more on my song writing and to gather material for a possible second album release. At the moment, I am sitting for University exams to gain a certificate in Maltese. I have been attending this course for the past year and I’d like to continue to further my studies in this area. I’d also like to concentrate more on my career in the legal field. But that’s not what you’d like to hear, is it? I know the public is asking for another concert … but we’ll see …

Would you like to share a small secret with our readers?

Well perhaps what’s rather extraordinary is that before my concert, I felt no fear or stage fright. This was the first time in my life that I did not have to control my heart beating and did not experience frantic nerves. I was so thrilled and happy that all that we had worked on was going well and I enjoyed every second of the performance.