Weekend Breaks – Why Are They So Popular?

Lately, the idea of escaping one’s routine and finding refuge with one’s partner (or friends) at a resort, hotel or rented flat for a weekend break, has become more and more popular.

This is nothing new. I remember when I was a little girl, the whole family would take a week or two off and escape to Gozo, for a relaxing time at the beach with picnics in the countryside, BBQs and time spent together. So, why has this become such a ‘hip’ and ‘in’ thing to do nowadays? As though one is doing something special by going off for a weekend with one’s partner, with hotels offering special weekends, reduced prices and much advertised couple’s retreats.

Maybe it’s because in this day and age, it is so much harder to take time off and leave everyday troubles and issues behind. Sad but true. So, why not go abroad for an extended holiday and opt for just a weekend break in another part of Malta, or in Gozo, instead?

For most people, taking a week or more off from work, as well as from everyday matters, is no joke. Therefore, enjoying the weekend, maybe making it more special than others, is the only possible option. Others look at budget, when one-time offers or weekend deals make it so much more affordable to enjoy some quiet time relaxing by the pool whilst also delighting in some special time with a loved one, with no intrusions.

Most of the time, during the week we promise ourselves that we will find some time for ourselves, or to enjoy the company of a partner or members of the family, during our weekends. We tempt fate and try to set a day and time when we will be sure to be free to go for a romantic candlelit dinner or draw a hot, relaxing bath and enjoy it with a glass of red wine and a good book, only to have real life intrude on us again and again and spoil everything. Maybe the plumber has had to reschedule his visit, the fridge needs defrosting, the kids want a lift or you look around your bedroom and realise that it needs a good clean – and why not do it in the weekend while you have the chance? And so, the treat you had promised yourself goes up in smoke, there goes your quality time with your partner or that one hour of me-time you had so keenly looked forward to! Until the weekend becomes nothing more than an extension of the working week – a time where you do chores, go to the supermarket and try to settle all those little errands and housework, which you did not have time to handle on previous days.

Weekend breaks are short islands of hope in a sea of industrious commitments and persistent duties.

Many couples, nowadays, have such busy lives, most of the time independently of each other, that they seldom actually have the time to enjoy each other as a couple anymore. This is mostly true when they also have children. This is why it is a good idea sometimes to just stop, take a deep breath, and try to find some time for each other. It is time to remember who the person sleeping next to you is and why you have decided to share your life with this person. It is time to remember what is so special about them, in order never to take them for granted.

When one goes abroad, the focus is mostly on sightseeing or enjoying the beautiful country or the special events one has actually paid money to see, and maybe not so much on the other people one is travelling with. Taking a weekend break specifically to have the time to spend a day or two with that special person or persons, shows that one really cares.

One must never forget the priorities in life, which are not money or career only, but most important of all, our loved ones and families. Staying at home to try and take a ‘weekend break’ from it all, is too hard most of the time, as other issues still continue to intrude, and this is why most people find it easier to just climb into their car with a few important belongings and drive away into the sunset for some quality time together, instead. No matter how one does it, making loved ones feel that they have a special place in your life and that you enjoy spending time in their company, is the easiest way to keep the relationship and emotions alive.