Why You Should Show Your Parents You Love Them

You only get one set and they may be gone in a second.

Those are the obvious reasons for showing your parents you love them – but are there more?

I’m going to start this article by stating the obvious: not all parents are good parents. But, I’ll continue with a reworded line from a Savage Garden song: most parents do the best job they know how to.

Yes, some of them screw up big time. Yes, some of them do unspeakable things that cannot be forgiven. Yes, some of them don’t deserve their children’s love and respect. But, most parents do their best to raise their children in a safe and loving environment – one that they believe will be healthy for their offspring.

Growing up, there were days when I felt like my parents didn’t understand me, and others when they looked at me like I was a stranger disturbing their peaceful lives. We fought, we argued, we swore at each other. Family, after all, is almost never chosen and that can be a tricky combination.

But, even so, your parents deserve to be shown love, because:

They gave you life. It might seem obvious and you may argue that you didn’t ask for it, but either way, the reason you are in this world, reading this, is because your parents had you. And, just for that, they deserve to be loved.

They were there from the day you were born – or, if you were adopted, from the day they welcomed you into their lives. It’s easy to point fingers and say that they wanted children and that they should suffer the consequences. But, be honest, isn’t it special that someone who has seen you grow up, make mistakes, fail, succeed, poo and pee, still loves you?

They sacrifice a lot for you … and please note the present tense. Whether they had to miss a special occasion because you were ill, or a good night’s sleep because they were worried, or not buying something for themselves because they wanted to make you happy – sacrifice is a crucial part of any parent’s role.

You’ve driven them nuts. Growing up, you’re allowed your mistakes, your explorations and your epiphanies. But with each of those, your parents take a deep breath and expect the worse. They worry for your well-being, future, career and health. Things may have turned out well, but they didn’t know that at the time, did they?

So, yes, you should show your parents that you love them. You should buy them something nice, or visit them for that overdue cup of tea. After all, they’re not going to be here forever!

Do you agree with James? Did he miss any points?

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