Is Your Eczema Controlling Your life?

The word ‘eczema’ comes from a Greek word that means ‘to effervesce or bubble or boil over,’ and which is also referred to as Atopic Dermatitis.


Eczema appears as an itchy, red rash which can appear all over a person’s body. Babies often have eczema on their faces, especially on their cheeks and chin. It can also occur on the baby’s scalp, trunk (chest and back) as well as on the baby’s outer arms and legs. In adults and children, eczema can manifest itself on the neck, wrists and ankles, and in areas such as the inner elbow and knee.

There are various types of eczema and people are affected differently by it. It may even look different or affect various parts of a person’s body from time to time.

Eczema can be classified as mild, moderate or severe. People with eczema suffer from dry, sensitive skin and the winter seasons are usually the worst months for them. The intense itching caused by eczema may be so bad that a person may scratch his/her skin until it bleeds. This is a vicious circle since this leads to more inflammation and itching.

Eczema sufferers, or those whose loved ones have eczema, regularly tell us just how much this debilitating skin condition limits them in their daily lives. Those with eczema have to deal with some or all of the following on a daily basis:

Their skin becomes so itchy that it makes it difficult for them to concentrate on anything during their day, whether this is at home or at work.

Eczema often prevents them from getting a good night’s sleep.

Having eczema on their faces, hands and eyelids and in other conspicuous parts of their bodies makes them feel embarrassed when they are among others.

Thick, sticky eczema treatment creams stain their sheets and makes it difficult to get dressed after applying the necessary treatment.

As an eczema sufferer, are you worried about regularly using artificial chemical products, such as topical steroids, on your skin? Are you looking for a natural remedy for eczema?


SALCURA – Your steroid-free solution!

Our eczema treatments provide a rapid and effective solution for irritating flare-ups and also help to manage the condition on a long term basis. Our treatments instantly calm your skin and they are very effective in interrupting that unbearable itch-scratch cycle.

We use natural ingredients in our products, such as manuka, tea tree and sea buckthorn oils. This makes them suitable for babies and children as well adults and they can be used all over the body. There are no known side effects and they are incredibly safe.

Salcura DermaSpray ‘Intensive’ is a practical moisturising spray which can be used on a daily basis by those who are prone to eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, rosacea and other related dry skin conditions. It nourishes the skin and effectively breaks the itch-scratch cycle. This product is 98% natural and contains no steroids or harsh chemicals that will further irritate sensitive skins. It contains sea buckthorn for nourishment & cell regeneration, lavender to calm & balance and rosemary for its ability to support collagen development and eliminate free radicals.

What are the benefits of this spray?

Eczema can damage the skin’s protective membrane and while traditional creams and emollients can help to manage this by creating an artificial barrier, DermaSpray Intensive works differently. It is easily and quickly absorbed by the skin and the spray liquid is able to penetrate deeply into the newly forming cells, boosting healthy skin as it develops. There is no need to rub our sprays in, which is a relief when the skin is very sore. The spray formula can also be used on the scalp and hairline and on hard-to-reach areas, such as the back.

This spray is not greasy and does not stain your clothes. This light liquid is rapidly absorbed by the skin allowing you to dress almost immediately after use.

With no known side effects, it is suitable for use during pregnancy

Itching is caused by the over-production of histamine in the skin. Essential oils in the Salcura ‘Intensive’ formulation, and especially Manuka Oil, have anti-histamine properties and so reduce the propensity to itch.

The presence of Sea Buckthorn Oil, Lavender and Aloe combine with the fine spray action to soothe and calm the skin. The high natural nutrient content is suspended in a fine liquid solution allowing for deeper, easier absorption into the skin. The regenerating nutrients reaching the lower skin cells combine with additional anti-bacterial agents to restore the skin while reducing the risk of infection.

SALCURA is rich in omegas and therefore helps bring about skin healing by promoting the regeneration of skin tissue.

All SALCURA products are totally free from steroids, hormones, cortisones, peroxide, alcohol, parabens and antibiotics.

The Salcura wash range is not tested on animals. These products are available from all leading pharmacies.

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