Gone Girl – In Love with a Sociopath

The film, Gone Girl literally blew me away. Now, I must specify that I VERY RARELY go for what are described as ‘drama-genre’ novels or movies (which I internally always put into the chick-flick’ category), but… BOY OH BOY.


The novel (which was published in 2012), came into my hands purely by chance more than a year ago, way before the movie was announced (it came out in 2014). I was bored to death somewhere and it was the only book available at that moment. I started reading and I was hooked. The twists and turns in the plot-line, the fallibility of the narrative, not to mention the really asshat characters – much like the normal people you meet every day, but with a sociopathic twist – completely overwhelmed me. I was a goner.

So far gone in fact, that when I finished the book I just had to narrate it in summary to my boyfriend, which is something I very rarely do. He doesn’t like to read (yes, it’s a tragedy right?) and if I had to talk to him about every novel I read, we’d never have time to talk about anything else, BUT I was just so hyper and ga-ga over this writer, Gillian Flynn, whom I had never heard about before, and her mastermind character play, that I just had to wax lyrical about it for a whole evening.

I finally watched the movie recently and as I always am when I watch something which claims to be ‘novel-inspired,’ I was simply terrified that the director had just raped a good book for the sake of the mediocre-loving masses, filling it with inflated boobs and testosterone boosters, just for what the Asians call ‘fan service‘. This term is used to basically describe those scenes that movie makers inject into many films in order to excite or titillate viewers, even though they might not fall in with the actual plot-line and make no sense, whatsoever.


In this case, happily, I was wrong. The movie, like the book, totally blew my mind away, in a very good way. I’m not going to give away any spoilers, however suffice it is to say that it has officially become one of my ‘guilty pleasures’. When I am sad, down and weepy, I watch Bridget Jones` Diary. When I am feeling taken for granted, pissed off and that someone needs to be taken down a peg or two (or three, or four…), I will watch Gone Girl.


At the end of the book, at the end of the movie – I just have to admit it. Yes, I empathised with the sociopath, and yes I understood the why’s and the wherefore’s and not only saw myself there (if I had the guts for it, that is), but also kind of admired the intelligence and cunning which could devise such intricate, yet successful machinations.

Anyways, enough said. As I mentioned, I don’t want to give away any spoilers, however, for those of you who have watched the movie or read the novel, come on admit it, didn’t you feel a bit of what I did too?