The Quarter Life Crisis

We’ve all heard of the ‘mid-life crisis’. We envisage a 50-something man leaving his wife for a younger model and buying a sports car he cannot afford. This notion of restlessness and confusion and irrational behaviour that both men and women can suffer is an old, recognised one amongst society.

However, a new generation crisis has been emerging in recent years – The Quarter Life Crisis.

In brief, this is where 20-something year olds begin to question everything in their lives. “Did I take the right course at University?” “Do I even like my job?” “Should I be married with kids by this age, as my parents were?” “Do I have enough of a social life?” “What is the meaning of life and am I wasting it?”

And this increasingly recognised phenomena will result in rash decisions, change of employment, spontaneous travel plans and maybe, even one night stands in an attempt to make sense of this age in between young and old, child and adult.

The reassuring thing is that if you have had such thoughts and feelings you are definitely not alone and it will indeed pass. You’ll know when things make sense again and maybe even have some fun along the way to that discovery.

Being a ‘grown up’ isn’t a race and there is nothing wrong with taking the time to work both life and yourself out.

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