Di Angelo Cosmetics

Di Angelo Cosmetics is a high-end cosmetics brand that helps women, and also men, regain their youthful and vibrant glow. Only innovative ingredients, which have been properly certified, are used for the revolutionary Nº. 1 cosmetic line. Due to its effectiveness to bring about positive results, this line has been successfully distributed all across the world.


For use in the delicate eye area, Di Angelo offers its Nº. 1 Lift Cream, which is an instant wrinkle remover. There is also the Di Angelo Nº. 1 Lash Extend Serum for endlessly long eyelashes and the Nº. 1 Bust Enhancer which works both on the bust area and the decolletage. Purchase here

Nº. 1 LIFT CreamFewer wrinkles in just three minutes. Discover the beauty secret of celebrities and world stars which does not involve cosmetic surgery. The unique ingredients of the Nº. 1 Lift Cream smoothen and brighten the delicate skin around the eyes. This cream also reduces any drooping skin under the eyes and lightens any dark circles. The skin is immediately smoothened and any wrinkles disappear before your eyes in just a few minutes. The cream can also be used on the face, neck and décolletage – it’s up to you where to apply it. Purchase here


How the cream works: Thanks to its ingredients this revolutionary cream immediately smoothens the skin, filling in any fine wrinkles and brightening the skin. This effect occurs in just a few minutes and is effective for about eight hours. NanoPeptides are active to rejuvenate and regenerate the skin for a long term effect. With frequent use, the duration of cream efficiency is prolonged and the skin will become more elastic. Your skin will become more velvety to the touch and you will enjoy a feeling of lightness. Purchase here

Nº. 1 Lash Serum. Endlessly long eyelashes in no time at all. With the serum Nº. 1 Lash, your eyelashes are able to grow faster and they become stronger and more elastic. Even the tiny eyelashes grow more and this makes your eyelashes increase in volume and you will be able to achieve that coveted Hollywood look without the need for false eyelashes. You will be able to enjoy your 100% natural and healthy eyelashes in your everyday life, whether you enjoy swimming, sauna or playing any sports – this is not so easy with false eyelashes. Purchase here

How the serum works: The revolutionary ingredients in Nº. 1 Lash, especially the NanoPeptides which are abundantly contained in the serum, penetrate directly into the lash roots and nourish them. Due to their nano size, they reach deeper into the tissue than other products and can be directly absorbed into the lash root (follicles). In this way, they properly nourish the roots of your eyelashes and prolong the growth phase. This product also delays the time when eyelashes fall by a few weeks, giving them time to grow in length and increase in volume. Nº. 1 Lash can also be used on eyebrows. Purchase here


Nº.1 Bust Enhancer. Bigger and firmer breasts in only four weeks without surgery. With the new cream Nº. 1 Bust Enhancer, your breasts will increase by one size. The skin will become smoother and firmer. The pure natural ingredients of this cream, which include 24-carat gold, are extremely efficient and you will notice the difference in just a few weeks. Here’s a solution for that full décolletage you have always dreamt of. Purchase here

How the enhancer works: The main active ingredients in this product are the extracts from the root tree, Pueraria which cause the growth of fatty cells and therefore bring about breast enlargement. 24-carat gold is abundantly included in this product and its impact on the body has been known for hundreds of years. Gold improves the blood microcirculation, acting as an effective antioxidant and promoting the production of collagen. This removes the toxins from the skin and reverses the course of aging. Due to this, the effect of the other ingredients also increases. Purchase here


Peony root extract increases elasticity and helps to smoothen out stretch marks. Safflower, with its high content of linoleic acid, tightens the pores and heals the skin. The many fruit acids remove dead skin cells, they form collagen and increase skin firmness. Green tea, Vitamins A and C, as well as lemon oil and other natural ingredients ensure the supply of large quantities of antioxidants. They also help to eliminate toxins and contribute to strengthening, brightening, smoothing and rejuvenating the skin.

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