It’s a nasty habit that can kill you.

But, unfortunately, not such an easy one to give up. 

Smoking is addictive; and while many do it, few can really pinpoint why. After all, we all know what smoking can lead to and none of us can really highlight any benefits – apart from, maybe, keeping us calm and collected. Quitting, however, while not the easiest thing in the world, can be done and here are my suggestions on how to go about it!

Make a plan: Not everyone is able to go cold turkey, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t quit smoking. Instead, make a plan for the next couple of weeks which includes cutting down on the number of cigarettes you smoke every couple of days. It’s also wise to get into the habit of doing something else instead of smoking – like filing your nails or playing with one of those bouncy stress balls – when you get flustered.

Stay away from temptation: If you’re going out to eat, make sure the table you book is inside and as far away from a smoking area as possible. It’s also a good idea to consume less alcohol in the first couple of days, as many people tend to associate drinking with smoking. Asking friends and family who smoke not do so in front of you, or to at least to warn you before they light up, will make it easier not to get tempted, too.

Take it day by day: A lifetime of smoking seems like an eternity, but it’s not. Remember that it takes just 28 days to kick a habit, and that is all you need to aim for at the moment. Once you decide to quit smoking, make your third smoking-free day the aim; on Day Three, make it Day Seven; and go on like that until you manage the whole 28 days!

Get a helping hand: Nicotine patches, chewing gum and the rest of the quit-smoking paraphernalia out there do help; particularly with keeping mood swings and cravings at bay. Quitting smoking is quitting smoking and it doesn’t make a difference whether you manage by yourself or with a little help – the important thing is that you manage to stop.

Treat yourself: Save up the money you would have otherwise spent on cigarettes and buy yourself something you’ve always wanted – not needed, but wanted! You’ll also realise that you’ll look and feel much better, so go get yourself a tooth whitening or a facial to truly boost your new, healthier looks.

Any other hints and tips on how to quit smoking?

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