Where to go for Valentine’s Day?


It’s back, that most stressful and worrying of ‘special’ days – yes, I’m talking about Valentine’s Day!

Sure, it’s an excuse to be romantic, a pretext to spend some more alone time with one’s partner and to enjoy his or her company, a real money-earner for chocolate-producers and flower-sellers everywhere. But it is also a headache. Come on, admit it, after the usual and tiring rigmarole of Christmas family dinners, events, festivities and New Year parties, we not only wake up to cold, dark January working days, but also to the sudden shock-filled moment when we realise that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and that we have absolutely no idea what present to buy for our partner this year, or, in fact, where to go.

Having someone who loves you, cares about you, and wants you to be happy is a blessing, and I do not want to sound as though I’m complaining at all. However, one must admit, wrecking one’s brains about what to give your guy/gal so as to surprise them, especially after so many other gift-giving and event-celebrating occasions took place just recently, is kind of nerve racking.

People seem to attach more importance to material things than to spending time together nowadays. However, actually, most of the time, when we think about it, we realise that in the long run, we actually remember gestures and adventures shared with a loved one more than we do the tactile things, even if they are gifted to us with love and affection. That is why I think that the way one actually spends Valentine’s Day with one’s partner, is more important than any present one can give him or her.

Here are some ideas on where one can go or what one can do to spend a truly unforgettable day with one’s partner… and they can all actually be good gifts as well!

1. Serenade your love on a gondola in Venice – Too clichéd? Perhaps, but you’ve got to admit it, the idea has still got its charm. It is actually how I spent my own Valentine’s last year. Kissing your partner while the sun goes down and with the old city’s lights winking around you, the gondolier singing in his musical Italian and the gentle waves lull you into a dream of tranquillity and love. Actually, my boyfriend spent half the time glued to his camera, but I still got enough hugs and kisses.


2. Enjoy a sensuous wine-tasting evening in the South of France – The heady aroma of a dark full-bodied wine, accompanied by some sharp white cheese and mingling with the scent of the blooming plants in a medieval vineyard. Strolling along the Rhone River afterwards, hand in hand. Could anything be more deliciously romantic?


3. Listening to a passionate concert in one of Prague’s historic opera houses – Putting on a floor-length dress and gazing over your champagne glass at your significant other in his polished shoes and tuxedo. Feeling like a queen as he leads you to your golden, gilded red plush opera seat and you gaze at the talented artists taking centre stage out of ivory opera glasses. Truly an evening to remember.


4. A trip down memory lane – One does not need to go abroad to enjoy a special Valentine’s Day! How about going to the place where you shared your first date? The beach where he proposed? Or even your own favourite restaurant?


5. A day in bed – Nothing actually beats that, does it? You can do so many things while being wrapped comfortably in the arms of your quilt – not to mention those of your lover. Pamper yourselves, have breakfast in bed, do a Lord of the Rings movie marathon, have take out, play Monopoly and of course, other games too.


After all, Valentine’s Day is just one more day focused on your partner and your life together, so when all is said and done, the most important thing is not where you spend it, but who you spend it with.