Finding Balance

Every New Year is a time to take stock, to congratulate ourselves for what we have achieved last year, and what we did to help others. It is also a time to remember what life has taught us, during the last twelve months, however painful, and also to learn from those lessons.

By our own efforts, some doors closed and we can move on without those burdens. Some doors closed which we wanted to stay open and had our hearts set on continuation. It cannot be. So be grateful for the good times, let go and move on. We are only at ease when we live in the PRESENT moment. The past happened and is history. The future will unfold and the worst that we can do is feel FEAR for those things which will probably never happen. So say to yourself “what is the worst thing that can happen today?” Probably nothing!! That’s it. Stop worrying.

I am constantly meeting people from all backgrounds and I see the routine lives of busy people with jobs and families living with stress, trying to keep it all together, by paying the bills, and coping with some drama or other. Life is out of balance. Others grumble about “this and that” and have no financial worries, but they forget to be grateful for what they have which others don’t have.

I also work with migrants who have endured many traumas in their journey from persecution in the home country to release from detention in Malta. Their challenges are great indeed. For many there is no work, and they are separated from their loved ones. All have one thing in common. Their lives are out of balance.

So how do we address this?

First, our attitude to life is important. As long as we blame others for our troubles, we will never be happy.

Then we have to identify what is missing in our lives and see how to fill the gaps. We need to create “ME” time, some personal indulgence, from soaking in the bath in a candlelit bathroom listening to soothing music, to getting out in nature, working-out to get fit, relaxing with meditation and yoga, dancing, spending less hours at work and being present for loved ones, or whatever makes us feel good.

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Giving service to others is a rewarding activity. We can make a difference to someone’s life, and expect nothing in return. This is especially important when we feel depressed for some reason. It puts our own situation into perspective, as we help those less fortunate, or less able.

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So for the New Year how about …

Take responsibility for your own life.

Accept and be grateful for what you have.

Make time to treat yourself to something you enjoy.

Eat and drink natural things which give you energy (and I don’t mean ‘energy drinks’ and sugar/sweetener filled popular drinks).

Do something to help others.

Take regular exercise to feel fit.