While Hubby Is Away … His Partner Will Play!

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Here are five things to do when your other half is not with you.

When you live with the person you love, and you spend every evening in his company, fall asleep in his arms each night, and wake up with him (yawning and grumbling) every morning, a certain routine kicks in and this slowly but inexorably becomes the norm.

In those cases when our typical and customary life changes, we tend to feel unbalanced and a little bit lost, and this is what happens when your partner, for some reason or other, after months and years of being with you constantly, has to go away for some time.

If your life-partner has to travel for work, spend the night at the hospital with a loved-one, has a bachelor’s celebration which will plod on for more than one evening (here’s hoping it’s nothing like the movie The Hangover), or for any other reason, is absent from your side for more than one night, you not only start feeling strange and displaced, as if something important is missing, but you also start feeling bored.

Having shared everything with someone else for a long period, consulted them for certain choices, and always kept them in mind when deciding how to spend the evening or weekend, when you find yourself alone, you start asking yourself what you used to do when you were single and free. Back before all your friends became couples too and when you knew more people.

Being free from your partner for a couple of evenings, although seeming unusual, may actually be positive. You have some time for yourself, time to do things you usually cannot do because you know your partner does not enjoy them, and even time to de-stress. Here are five suggestions:

  • Go on a girl’s night out!! – Enjoying the company of one’s partner is all well and good, however admit it, you miss going out with the girls, don’t you? Cocktails and gossip, Chinese food and laughter, what could be more fun?
  • Eat the food your partner doesn’t like – Whether it is tortellini with white sauce, or a nice plate of fresh fish, I am sure there is something you like to eat, but which your partner doesn’t like or seems to be queasy about, and which is therefore never served at dinner. So, take the opportunity go to a restaurant or cook it yourself and saviour your meal to your heart’s content
  • Organise a sleep-over at a friend’s or have her come to your place – I love doing this. One of my girlfriends brings her pink pjs, we order pizza, buy some microwave popcorn, and watch either a horror movie or some stupid romantic comedy … just because we can.
  • Go to a late-closing spa or swimming pool – pamper yourself a bit and let yourself relax while sipping a dry martini!
  • Re-arrange your wardrobe, shoe cabinet or book shelves – Sometimes it’s just better to do this when you don’t have anyone underfoot. This suggestion is not so glamorous as the other options, but a necessity nonetheless.

Don’t forget – you can also think about how to welcome your partner when he gets back! Will it be with a comforting back-rub and a glass of vodka, a home-cooked meal, or wearing some new lingerie?

How do you usually spend the time when your partner is away?

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