Stinson Hunter ‘Paedophile Hunter’ – Public Service or Reckless Vigilante?

Have you heard of Stinson Hunter? This man and his team, Stubbs and Grime take it upon themselves to draw out online paedophiles who prey on young girls to meet for immoral and (obviously) completely illegal sexual encounters.

The team set up ‘stings’ by creating fake online profiles of girls who look over 16 years of age on dating websites that are for over 18s only. They claim to never initiate conversations and upon being approached they repeatedly will inform the man that they are under 16. If the man continues to pursue the ‘decoy’ as they call them and continues with inappropriate conversation with a minor (which is in fact the men posing as a young girl), they will let the predator believe he is setting up a meeting with this individual.


What these men don’t know is that they are in fact going to meet with a team of men from London, holding filming equipment, microphones and be face-to-face with Stinson Hunter himself who questions ‘Why have you come here to meet an underage girl for sex?’. Stinson and his team then pass on all records of conversations and footage to the police in the hope of assisting them with an arrest and conviction.

Where is the harm you might say? But there are actually two ‘teams’ in the UK with regards to Stinson’s work – which by the way he does for absolutely no money and with zero professional training.

Team One takes the view: “Thank goodness for people like Stinson Hunter, he keeps our streets safe from dangerous paedophiles and I sleep better at night knowing he does the work he does to protect our children. He puts the police to shame with the amount of sexual predators he catches when they claim they ‘haven’t got enough time or resource’ to dedicate to this area of crime.”

Team Two, however, says: “Stinson is a reckless vigilante who should leave his ‘investigations’ to the professionals. Much of his evidence is considered inadmissible in court and can hinder real investigations the police may be conducting. His revelations could lead to vicious witch hunts and further, a man has actually committed suicide upon realising he had fallen into their trap. It is not right how he publicly shames these men who will often have girlfriends, wives, children and families who will also suffer humiliation.”

Michael Parkes arrived at a house thinking he was meeting an under aged girl (12 years old) and in fact he was met with Stinson and his crew. He knew the consequences would mean police involvement, his family finding out and the ‘sting’ footage would be made public on Stinson’s website. This was all too much for him and he was found dead, He had committed suicide. Source

Despite the split views Stinson’s Kickstarter project which appealed for public donations to continue the work he and his team does raised over £30,000 – an incredible declaration of support for the Paedophile Hunter’s work.