Confessions Of A Hairless Laser Lover

I have been working in a laser hair removal clinic for the past nine years.

I have met thousands of clients; in fact, we carry out over 7000 laser hair removal treatments a year. You can only imagine how well I am used to the smell of burnt hair! We meet all sorts of amazing clients. Some would have already had the treatment. There are those who are still scared to try it out and others who are curious and confused about all the different technologies out there and have come in to find out more.

Anecdotes and confidence-crippling experiences about having hair in unwanted areas is a simple explanation of what I hear on a daily basis. What I have surely learnt is that hair can honestly cause a lot of distress to a person’s life.

When women walk in with unwanted hair on their faces, the first concern is that everyone would be looking at that spot rather than anywhere else. Therefore, they usually come in either covering that area with clothing or hair or even with their hands while talking to us. I always ask if they have been removing it with any other method. Whether they go for electrolysis or waxing, the final solution always seems to be to use the tweezers on a daily basis or every couple of days to make sure the area is clear. The problem with this is that the chances of marking the skin is high, and they end up with red patches, scars and hyper-pigmentation, instead of the hair.

It is usually very hard for these clients to believe that once they start their first laser session, they have six weeks of no hair in the area. When I then see them six weeks later, it is as if I am seeing a totally different person. They feel more confident and so much  happier! They enjoy the freedom of not having to use the tweezers everyday and of not having to cover up, anymore.

Besides the face, I have also seen clients walk in with problems of ingrowing hairs on their bodies. There are also those with very hairy legs and underarms, as well as  other parts of the body. They feel frustrated and they cannot take it anymore and they need a solution.

I must confess that I have noticed how distressed women get when they show me their calves or decolettes which are full of hair. They are seen by our female doctors who start off with an individually tailored consultation. Once the test patch is done, and after the first treatment, they already start seeing a difference in their skin. Having eight weeks of no hair is bliss, and they usually start increasing the treated areas because the results are so good!

I have had clients who were too shy to wear a skirt, but by their second session they would already be wearing a skirt for work and coming in looking more radiant and confident.

I have also had clients who were not going to the beach because of ingrowing hair in the bikini line area, and then after a couple of sessions they are on top of the moon.

The most common sentence I get after a couple of sessions is “What a pity I did not start laser hair removal, before!” They usually then end up getting their whole family, friends and colleagues to our clinic. We often get to know the entire shift, or office staff of a company.

I am proud that my company has invested in the best, fully upgraded equipment on the market, and that it makes sure that no expense is spared to provide the best results possible.

It is such a pleasure when a client walks out satisfied and happy, only to return for another session.