Five Old Wives’ Tales That Have Been Proven To Be True

I go all-detective to find out which old wives’ tales are actually true …

And you’ll be surprised by what I’ve discovered!

‘Don’t go out with wet hair, you’ll get a cold!’ FALSE.

‘You can’t open the oven door when baking a soufflé!’ FALSE.

So… Which old wives’ tales are actually true?

Chicken Soup: It’s the oldest old wives’ tale in the book: chicken soup will make you feel better when you’re feeling poorly. And you know what? Our foremothers were right! Chicken soup helps slow down white blood cells (which lead to inflammation) and make you feel better! Thank you, chickens!

Cheese: We’ve all been told not to eat cheese before we go to bed as it can lead to weird dreams – the Maltese version would be ‘jibqalek fuq l-istonku’ [a literal translation would be: ‘it stays on your stomach.’] Well, the British Cheese Board – ‘board’ as in committee, not platter – actually conducted a study during which volunteers pigged out on different kinds of cheeses before going to bed. All I’m going to say is that Red Leicester apparently makes you nostalgic, while cheddar makes you dream of celebrities.

Apple Trees: This is one my mother always swore by, but seeing as we didn’t have an apple tree, I always assumed it was one of those fake childhood memories she seemed so prone to getting. But, hey, apparently it’s been a well-known fact all the way back since the Middle Ages: if you want your bread dough to rise faster, place it underneath an apple tree. The science behind it is very simple, too. Apples are rich in yeast and therefore allow the dough to rise faster. You can also use this trick if you don’t have any yeast in your pantry!

The Gaydar: Although we may have finally come to terms with the fact that gay people look the same as everyone else, science has proven that gaydars really do exist. The definition given by Merriam-Webster  for the term ‘gaydar’ is ‘the ability to recognise homosexuals through observation or intuition.’ Over the years, research conducted on whether physical traits and sexuality may be correlated, have proven that gay men’s ring and index fingers tend to be similar in size (as opposed to straight men, whose ring finger is longer than their index).


Science has also proven that you can tell gay people from straight people by looking at their hair. So… I guess, yes, gaydar is real.

Pearls: You may have read my blog post about pearls a while back, and I still stand by what I said: pearls need to be kept close to the skin lest they lose their luster. This is not some weird old wives’ tale, however, it’s true! Pearls are alive, and leaving them in a box will make them go grey and dull. The truth is that pearls don’t need affection, they need your body oils to stay looking fresh and healthy.

Do you know of any other old wives’ tales that are actually true? Let us know!