Favourite Quotes – Not Just Motivational!


The internet is simply flooded with motivational quotes these days. There are quotes about being tough and not letting anyone get to you, quotes about being strong after having been ditched, quotes about loving one’s parents, quotes about the true meaning of beauty, etc. etc.

We’ve all seen them and though at times, some of them really hit the spot, making us feel better, or encouraging us, let’s face it, they are really becoming boring.

Personally, I prefer having my own motivational quotes. Some of them are concocted by myself in the confines of my mind, others are cut and pasted from stuff my friends or acquaintances say in real life, while others still are taken from certain books or movies.

We all have those favourite quotes, whether they are from famous movies or much-thumbed novels, which we get back to again and again. These sayings are at the forefront of our minds in certain situations, they crop up as comebacks when we are angry, or turn into inside jokes when we are with our partner or friends.

It is a fact though, that most quotes, when taken out of context, can be perceived as having a totally different meaning. Here are some examples, can you tell where they are taken from?

  • “I just want to stand on top of the Wall and piss off the edge of the world.” (Hint – the quote is both in the book and the series).
  • “What did he do to you, Diddy?” Aunt Pentunia said in a quavering voice, now sponging sick from the front of Dudley’s leather jacket. “Was it— was it you-know-what, darling? Did he use— his thing?” (This is an easy one since there are names too).
  • “You wanna fuck with me? Okay. You wanna play rough? Okay. Say ‘hello’ to my little friend!” (If you’re a guy you know this for sure, and if you’re a girl… well you should!)
  • “So bright… so beautiful… ah, Precious.”(No, he’s not talking about his love… technically).
  • “Nobody puts Baby in a corner.”(Awww).
  • “I already told you, didn’t I? You’re not coming home with me! I live alone! MY swamp! ME! Nobody else, understand? NOBODY! Especially useless, pathetic, annoying, talking donkeys!” (Hmm…).
  • “Apparently, I used to run round naked in his paddling pool.” (This one is good).

Did you get them all? WITHOUT googling them?

Come on, be honest.

Do you have your own favourite quotes?