How to Beat Nostalgia

We all feel a bit reminiscent about the past every now and then, but what do you do when that feeling suddenly takes over?

I’ve recently found myself longing to relive the past. At 40+, I feel that a big chunk of my life is behind me and the realisation was nerve-racking. I’ve started missing the people I hung out with when I was younger, rethinking decisions I made along the way, longing for lovers who left stains on both my parents’ bed sheets and my heart.

But then I also realised that my past was a big clue to my future. I realised that it was down to me to get back on track and create a present that I will look back on in years to come and reminisce about, just as I do my past. That also got me thinking, however, how does one move away from nostalgia?

Here’s what I discovered:

Prepare yourself for What’s To Come: One of the reasons people feel nostalgic is because they don’t know how they are going to face the future. It’s easy to tell others to believe that their future will turn out okay, but it’s harder to believe that for ourselves. Well… I’m afraid you still need to do it. You need to understand that no matter what, the future is coming and you will have to face it, so let go of the fear and make the most of it.

Cherish The Memories: Instead of feeling horrible about the fact that the past has come and gone, feel grateful it happened in the first place. Thank your lucky stars that that great night happened, that you had friends who were fantastic (particularly if they are no longer with us) and definitely be grateful you opened your legs for that hot hunk when you had the chance!

Forgive Yourself: One of the things I ponder the most is what I would say and do if I had to go back. Well, Evelyn and everyone else reading this, you can’t change the past. So forgive yourself and move on and aim to be better and wittier in the future. Also realise that you should never be scared of doing something in the moment… Unless it’s illegal, because that will only get you conjugal visits.

Create a Great Present: Screw the past and create a great present! Go out, do the things you love and be as free as you want to be. Don’t reminisce about how brilliant your old job was when compared to todays. Find a better one now! Don’t feel bad that your kids have grown up, enjoy spending time with them as adults now!

Ultimately, however, what I have truly discovered is that nostalgia can be healthy. It can help us discover what it is that is really important in our lives and it can help us move forward. So embrace it, live it and let it go!

Do you suffer from nostalgia? What do you think of Evelyn’s advice? Let us know in the comments section below!