Interview with BERNE

Date of Birth: 20th June, 1990

Where do you live? London

Star Sign: Gemini

Main occupation: Songwriter and Performing Artist, Music Teacher

BERNE is Deborah Borg Brincat – singer, pianist and songwriter.

During her childhood, she was taught to play classical piano and during her teenage years, she developed her singing voice. Her endeavours in contemporary music drew her to front the indie band, Bletchley Park, of which she was a founding member. After a few years of collaboration to produce two albums including number 1 singles, Deborah debuted her solo project with her first single India which was named the best single release for 2012 by The Sunday Times of Malta.

Leaving home turf to further her musical education in London, Deborah read for a Master’s Degree in Popular Music Performance at London College of Music. She was actively engaged in a research project entitled ‘Experiments in Echoes’ to assess the creative process in music when utilising technological instruments. This has taken her music into a new direction.

Today, Deborah pursues her musical goals as ‘Berne’. Drawn towards writing dark, intriguing songs, Berne’s broad vocal range and arresting vocal delivery, offers delicacy and drama that lingers on. With this, she has certainly caught the audience’s attention. She is influenced by artists such as Regina Spektor, Imogen Heap, Agnes Obel and Sóley and is inspired by the realities that surround us in our struggles. Berne’s debut EP Conversation is due for release in 2015.

From where did your stage name, Berne, come from?

Berne is the short version of one of my second names.

How did you first discover music in your life?

I had an early introduction to music. I started classical piano tuition at the age of six and during my early teenage years I also developed my singing voice. I then fronted the indie band, Bletchley Park. After a few years of collaboration to produce two albums, I discovered and honed a passion for song-writing and launched my solo project with my first single India. In 2013, I decided to take my creative practice a step further and read for a Master’s Degree in Popular Music Performance at the London College of Music.

Your next debut EP Conversation is due for release in 2015. When exactly will this take place? Can you tell us more about this project?

Conversation is a four-track record presenting relatable situations which have been inspired by the realities that surround us. Musically, the songs are dark and intriguing, adorned with eerie primal sounds and orchestrated in a grandiose manner.

I thoroughly enjoyed making this EP. It involved writing the songs at the piano, as well as producing and recording them with Niki Gravino at Foreface. To hear about all the news, including my Jamie Cullum story, join my page at

Do you prefer dining out or clubbing? And why?

I’ve never had much of an interest in clubs – I’d much rather spend the evening at a concert. I do like to eat out, especially if it involves pizza and good company!

How would you describe the music scene in Malta, today?

Promising. I am particularly interested in the development of new sound within alternative genres. I was recently captivated by the work of Brodu – Ic-Cimiterju is such an inspiring piece of music.