Christmas Party Games!

Christmas is a time when one not only reunites with long-lost family members, old acquaintances and forgotten school-chums, but also a way to meet up and make new friends. During parties, cousins bring along their new dates, singletons drag their friends, people you don’t know end up joining the crowd, and if you are the host, you must not only find a way to stretch out the meal to have enough food for everyone, but also, and more importantly, find a way to break the ice.

Mismatched individuals, some of whom know the others of old, and some who almost don’t know anyone present (not even the host) – what should one do to help them mingle and feel at ease, in order to make the party a successful and unforgettable one?

Well, that question has an easy solution – CHRISTMAS GAMES!!

You’d be surprised at how simple it is to devise jolly party games, even when one has little time in which to prepare them. These games are quite straightforward and one needs only normal household items to make them work! Here are some party-game ideas for the stumped host facing hoards of unexpected guests.

Sticker Stalker

Items needed: Post-its.

Give each guest a pack of ten post-its, which they then must proceed to stick on the back of unwary people throughout the party. If you catch someone trying to stick a paper to you, you can stick your own to his back instead, however if you accuse someone falsely, they can automatically stick their sticker on you. The first guest to get rid of all 10 post-its wins.


Christmas Memory Game

Items needed: Large tray, 20 Christmas items (decorations, cookies, ornaments), pens and paper, a timer.

Organise an assortment of Xmas related items on a tray. Put the tray on a table in front of all the guests for two minutes and tell them to memorise as many of the items as they can. Whisk away the tray and let them write down as many of the items as possible. The person who remembers the most items, wins.


Items needed: paper and pens.

Give each guest a piece of paper and a pen and ask them all to write three wishes each without showing them to anyone. Mix the pieces of paper in a box and tell each guest to pick one (if s/he picks their own, have them choose another and throw their own wishes back in the box). When all the pieces have been seized, let the guests ask one question to each other person to try and determine which wishes belong to whom.

Candy Suction

Items needed: a bowl full of smarties or any other kind of small round candy, straws, a timer.

Give each guest a straw and let them take one minute turns. They must try to make the candy stick to the straw by sucking at the other end. The one who pulls out the largest amount of candy from the bowl in one minute, is the winner!