Winter:10 Things To Look Forward To


After dragging its feet through October, November and most of December, summer is finally over. The kids have not only gone back to school, but also started their Christmas holidays now, the days are getting darker and darker, and the weather is turning colder and rainier.

Most people tend to prefer the sunny sporty summer months, to the ‘gloomier’ and colder winter ones. Considering the three months’ reprieve students have from school, not to mention the fact that many workers also have shorter working hours in summer, this is not surprising. Many also love enjoying the Maltese seashore, as well as summer sports like scuba diving, swimming, sailing and yachting, which most people prefer to do in the milder summer months. They tend to frown when thinking about the longer-seeming winter days, the loss of certain fruits and veggies which are not easily found in winter, not to mention the cold and wet weather.

Personally, I have always preferred winter to summer (apart from having to attend school that is), and I still do. There are so many things to look forward to! Here are some of my favourite things (quoting from Julie Andrews’ song from the classical film, The Sound of Music).

  • Fluffy socks – yes I’m girly that way! I hate frills and flutters when it comes to clothes in general, but socks are my weak point. The fluffier, weirder and more full of colours and cute animals the better.
  • Hoodies – I just love the feeling of being enfolded in warm cotton with only my face showing. It just makes me feel so comfy.
  • Boots – these, I admit, are a selfish passion, like chocolate and weepy music. No matter how many boots I buy, I can never have enough.
  • Quilts and thick blankets – even better than hoodies for sure! Sometimes, I honestly feel like it’s me and my quilt against the world… especially on a Monday morning!
  • Hot drinks – soups, quick soups, hot chocolate, you name it. Of course, one can also drink these in summer, but it’s not just the same, is it? Sipping a cup of thick creamy dark hot chocolate while it’s raining and thundering outside – there’s really nothing quite like it. And how about mulled wine or egg nog? Delicious.
  • The scent of rain – this is my favourite smell in all the world (apart from the smell of new books that is). Pattering rain falling on fresh leaves, a good downpour turning the newly-wet soil, or even that particular smell which permeates the air right before a storm starts. They are all different smells, and yet, they are all kind of the same.
  • The return of favourite T.V series – personally I can’t wait to continue watching Once upon a Time, American Horror Story, Downton Abbey, and Grimm, amongst others.
  • The beauty and warmth of a fireplace – obviously, for those who have one. I also like burning dried herbs or incense. Sprinkling them directly onto a fireplace gives the house a very pleasant aroma.
  • Cuddles – one can enjoy these all year long of course, but, admit it – it’s just different in winter, isn’t it

What are your favourite things about winter? Do you prefer it to the warmer months?